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DANA'S    Story

Most women have diamonds in their jewelry boxes; Dana Rebecca Gordon has diamonds in her DNA. During the summer of her sixteenth birthday, Dana traveled to India with her father and returned home with her first collection that sold out in 48 hours. Each summer she continued designing and selling her pieces, and the hobby turned into a business. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, she attended the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, and studied in their Applied Jewelry Arts Program. Upon completing school, she founded Dana Rebecca Designs in 2007 on the simple, but important idea that your jewelry should make you feel as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt and as amazing as your little black dress.

As a third-generation jeweler, Dana's travels and the special connection to
the women in her life inspire each piece which you'll wear 20 years from now.
Dana hopes that the pieces will inspire women and help celebrate all of their
major milestones, celebrations, and everyday moments.


What sparked your interest in jewelry? Did you always know you wanted to design jewelry?

I grew up in the jewelry industry.
My grandfather was an artisan and my dad works in the diamond business. On a trip to India with my dad, I contributed a design conversation and he introduced me to a designer where we designed my first few pieces.


Favorite part about being a designer?

Seeing the everyday woman wearing my pieces on the street.


The Collections

All of my designs are inspired by the women in my life who are nearest and dearest to me. Each collection is named after someone's first and middle name just like the brand, Dana Rebecca. I am deeply inspired by people and how they live their lives. As my collection continues to grow, I continue to look those closest to me for strength and inspiration.