How to Make Your Jewelry Last a Lifetime

How to Make Your Jewelry Last a Lifetime

How to Make Your Jewelry Last a Lifetime

Tips and tricks from the jewelry queen herself.‌

One of the best things about jewelry is how long it lasts. There are very few things in this world that can last a lifetime (or more) the way jewelry can. But just like anything else worth having, jewelry requires some TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. It's helpful to remember while Dana Rebecca Designs jewelry is meant to be worn every day, it's not meant to be worn *all* day every day. We advise to always take off your jewelry before you work out, swim, shower, or sleep. Read on to find out how these situations can affect your jewels and what you can do to keep your Dana Rebecca Designs fine jewelry in pristine condition and living its best life.

While diamonds and gold are two of the hardest materials on earth they're not indestructible. If there is any place your beautiful, delicate jewelry is going to take a beating - it's at the gym. The items most prone to damage here are your rings. Weight lifting, tightly gripping the handles of an elliptical, pressing your hands into the floor as you finally achieve that perfect inversion in yoga - these are all situations that can warp the metal of your rings or even chip a stone. Additionally, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are all more likely to get snagged while at the gym. Leave them at home or store them safely in your gym bag to keep them safe. Our jewelry travel zip case is the perfect companion to your workout as it's an ideal size to keep in your gym bag and will protect your jewels while you get your sweat on.

‌Tip: Use warm water, gentle dish soap, and a soft makeup brush to gently clean your pieces at home.

Did you know the number one place jewelry gets lost is in bodies of water? We all remember that iconic scene in KUWTK when Kim gets thrown into the ocean and her diamond earring comes flying off (cue the ugly crying). The force of her hitting the water quite literally took her earrings right out of her earlobe! Yes, she was thrown in quite forcefully, but you'd be surprised how often the waves of the ocean or a strong splash from someone else's cannonball in a pool have removed jewelry from a person. Skin also does weird things water - it shrinks and gets all pruney, leaving jewelry fitting much looser and therefore prone to falling off. The harsh chemicals in pools are also a bad match for your jewelry, especially pieces with gemstones. Exposure to chemicals like chlorine can strip your gems of their rich color and luster and even breakdown gold over time. Be smarter than Kim K. and leave the jewels for before and after water activities.

Building on exposure to chemicals, the products in your shower or on your vanity can be just as harsh for your jewelry. Sure, a single spritz of perfume over your necklace one time isn't a big deal but we are thinking long term here. If you leave your jewelry on 24/7, over time it will be exposed to countless products that can break down metals and dull gemstones. On the flip side of water and product being a bad match for your jewelry, it can also be a poor match for you - more specifically, for your skin. This is why we also advise skipping wearing your jewelry in the shower. Moisture and product will build up in any crevice it can find and breed bacteria. This combination against your skin can cause irritation. Additionally, in simple terms of appearance, beauty products will build up on your jewelry and dull its sparkle and shine. Put your pieces on last, after your beauty routine, to keep them clean, sparkling, and pristine.

Just like we all slip up and accidentally sleep in our makeup once in a while (apologies to our dermatologists and aestheticians), we also all probably sleep in our jewelry more often than we should. For one thing,  it's just uncomfortable. Our bodies change while we sleep; rings will become uncomfortably tight as our fingers swell and shrink, earring posts will poke into our mastoids, we'll inevitably end up with a chain impression on our face in the morning from somehow sleeping on our necklaces, the list goes on. Jewelry transforms into miniature weapons with minds of its own whilst we slumber. A prong can scratch an eye, and earring post can tear a sheet (not the 800 thread count Egyptian cotton!) and necklaces will undoubtedly get so unbelievably tangled with each other its as if they hosted a fight club while we slept. Much like our skin, jewelry also needs its beauty sleep. Lay it out flat or put it in your jewelry box each night to keep it looking as stunning as the day you got it.

‌Tip: Leave jewelry trays scattered around your house to remind yourself to take off your jewels before activities like washing your hands, doing the dishes, showering, or going to sleep.

Alright, now that we have sufficiently prepared you with tales of jewelry woes, let's reassure you: Dana Rebecca Design's jewelry may be delicate and dainty, but it's sturdy. You can (and should!) wear it daily. As long as you are mindful of certain situations your collection will last a lifetime and become heirlooms for the next generation.

‌Tip: We're always here to help! Reach out to us if you have any questions about taking care of a specific piece of jewelry, we're happy to help! Email us at

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