Different Types of Bracelets

Different Types of Bracelets

Different Types of Bracelets

We love so many things about bracelets. They seem to activate the senses in one stunning swoop: see (beauty), touch (material/texture) and hear (sweet jingle)!  Throughout this post, we’ll break down the most popular bracelet styles available - everything from cuffs to tennis bracelets - while providing creative tips and techniques to create stand-out looks! Bracelets (and really all jewelry) are a fun and beautiful way to amplify your personal style and express yourself!

Exploring Bracelet Types

Cuff Bracelets 

Cuff bracelets always make a statement. At DRD, we have two different styles of cuff bracelets. The first is a traditional cuff that wraps entirely around your wrist with a lock closure. The second is a cuff that slips on at the small of your wrist and has an opening on the bottom. 

  • Cuff bracelets effortlessly wrap around your wrist, revealing a stunning row of sparkly diamonds and/or gleaming metal.  
  • They don’t have a traditional clasp as they’re rigid and have a snug fit so the bracelet stays on your wrist. Our closed cuffs have a hinge and a lock that keeps the bracelet secure on your wrist. 
  • Cuffs are great stacking bracelets and are the ideal way to add texture, contrast, and joy to any wrist stack. With that said, they still make a lovely impact when worn alone which adds to the versatility! 
  • Note from Dana: our top-selling cuff, the Ava Bea Flexi Cuff, is so popular because of its flexibility and comfort. The coil metal easily wraps around any wrist and has such a powerful and beautiful look. 

Station Bracelets:

Station bracelets truly elevate your wrist game. Our Poppy Rae Pebble and Diamond Station Bracelet is a prime example — it’s a dainty piece, yet the solid, 14k gold balls are bold while the delicate chain and bezel set diamonds gleam gracefully. 

  • Station bracelets are typically a soft, delicate chain adorned with gems, diamonds, or gold. They can be everything from delicate to statement, full of sparkle or more subtle, letting bold gold reign. 
  • We love the look of station bracelets within a stack - they bring simple elegance or stunning sparkle, adding to the “party” every time.

Charm Bracelets

There is something classic yet whimsical about a charm bracelet. They’re both beautiful and playful at the same time! 

  • Some charm bracelets have several of the same charm that are evenly spaced across a delicate or thick chain (as seen in the Sadie Pearl Double Baguette Charm Bracelet).  
  • Other charm bracelets have charms of various sizes, shapes, etc.. i.e. Our Multishape Charm Bracelet.
  • Many charm bracelets are self made, featuring charms that have been collected over time from various places! We love this idea and think our Gold Evil Eye Charm or Diamond Initial Charm would be great options to kick things off! 
  • Charm bracelets can also double as personalized friendship bracelets. Elevate your childhood classic string bracelets and beaded bracelets to a gold bracelet with personalized charms. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are one of the most consistently classic and adored pieces in a collection. They’re timeless, elegant and extremely versatile. 

  • The key trait of a diamond tennis bracelet is a design motif called "in-line" (aka, a line of diamonds). 
  • What is a tennis bracelet? Traditionally, a tennis style features diamonds that go all the way around the setting, creating an eternity design similar to diamond eternity rings. Overtime, the style has evolved to include non-eternity styles.

Basics of Bracelet Stacking

Every wrist stack is a form of self expression so the beauty is personal and spontaneous. BUT, we asked Dana for her advice when it comes to stacking just in case you need a few pointers!

  • Which Wrist? Personally, I wear soft bracelets (like stations or anything that moves/overlaps easily) on one wrist and cuffs (that fit tighter on your wrist and don’t move due to their rigidity) on another. I find that cuffs and stations can intertwine which is annoying. If you choose to combine cuffs and other bracelets, I'd go with something thicker - like a tennis bracelet - versus a more delicate option. 
  • Mix it up! I love mixing textures, metals and widths when stacking softer bracelets. Think about mixing chain bracelets and adding more metal to go in-between diamond pieces. I love our Melody Eden collection for exactly that reason! Mixing metals in stacks is more of an art than a science so have fun with it.
  • Anchor Away! When it comes to stacking cuffs, I think it's key to have an anchor piece as something to build around. As always, do NOT build a stack of bracelets that only look good when worn together. It's key to love each piece alone and within a variety of different stacks. While designing, I often eliminate a piece from a collection if it doesn’t look good or substantial by itself. 
  • Old + New = Cool. I love infusing heirloom/older pieces with something more modern. Have a channel set tennis bracelet from the 80’s or 90’s? Wear it! To me, building a fresh and more updated stack breathes new life into almost anything with some age! I have discouraged clients from resetting pieces because they’re already beautiful/perfect in their current form. It's amazing how a new jewelry piece can transform/update the look of something older. If you decide to mix & match, just make sure you are following proper jewelry care to ensure the longevity of your pieces. 

Stacking Ideas for Every Style

We love to mix and match, therefore, you can rarely go wrong with a wrist stack. In fact, your own sense of style will create the most interesting wrist situation organically! The following is what we call stack-spiration.

#1: Lulu Jack Single Bezel Bracelet + Ava Bea Trio Station Bracelet + Carly Michelle Evil Eye Bracelet 

The evil eye’s intricate sapphires and diamonds make a bold statement and play off of the elegant simplicity of the diamonds in the other bracelets.  

#2: Alexa Jordyn Inlay Marquise Bracelet + Ava Bea Flexi Cuff (or the Ava Be Zig Zag Flexi Cuff)

These bracelets contrast nicely together as the marquise bracelet is solid and bold while the flexibility of the cuff brings a sense of delicate movement. 

#3: Nana Bernice Cross Over Cuff + Any DRD Tennis Bracelet

There is something soothing yet strong about the Nana Bernice cuff. Alongside a classic, diamond tennis bracelet these two pieces exude timeless, majestic beauty. 

Let’s see those bracelet stacks! Rock them proudly and tag us @danarebecca / #everydayluxe

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