Diamond Friendship Bracelet Designs

Diamond Friendship Bracelet Designs

Diamond Friendship Bracelet Designs

A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies.  -Aristotle

DRD celebrates love in all forms. Relationships between partners, family and friends are pure gold and should never be taken for granted. In fact, they should be honored everyday. There is nothing like the feeling of a yearning heart — it’s a collision of pain and joy that ends in steadfast, unwavering love for another person. Traditionally, romantic partners trade rings as a symbol of love. But what about the intense bond between best friends? Enter: friendship bracelets. Did an image of sweet macramé string bracelets that you made at summer camp pop into your head? Those will forever be cherished and adored, but how about elevating the concept of a multicolored chevron bracelet to a row of brilliant diamonds? This is a jewelry trend that we can get behind.  Here, we’ll discuss diamond friendship bracelets and the process of choosing/finding a bracelet that truly exemplifies the strong connection between friends.


The Meaning of Friendship Bracelets

We love friendship bracelets because their intention is simple and pure: they’re exchanged between friends as a way to celebrate and honor deep friendship. If you have a friend that you consider worthy of a diamond bracelet, consider yourself blessed as that kind of friendship is sacred! A friendship bracelet doesn’t necessarily symbolize perfection but more the journey throughout life together which, for most friends, entails some ups and downs. It’s a way to say that you appreciate and love your bestie, plain and simple, flaws and all. 

How to Choose A Friendship Bracelet

There are a few ways to approach an important jewelry choice like a diamond friendship bracelet. 

  • In need of inspiration? Make an appointment at the DRD showroom (in-person or virtually) and/or check out our website. Maybe your bestie’s diamond bracelet will be obvious once you see it? Or, you’ll find a few options and we’ll help you narrow it down. It helps to have a good understanding of what type of jewelry they like. What metals do they typically wear? Find something that will fit seamlessly into their daily life.
  • Do you know exactly what you want? Custom orders are a great way to create just what you have in mind!
  • Perusing together? Make a day out of it! Come into the DRD showroom with your bestie and choose different bracelet types for each other! It’ll be fun, we promise. There are no rules here - friends don’t need to have the same bracelet - the focus is on the symbolism and just like you and your friend, the bracelets don’t need to be identical! 

Design Considerations

Important: your heart is guiding the design process. The friendship bracelet’s design should be whatever you love and know that your bestie will love too. Plus, it’s hard to go wrong when diamonds are involved. The following are few are examples of DRD faves when it comes to diamond friendship bracelets: 

  • Tennis Bracelets: Traditionally, a tennis style features diamonds that go all the way around the setting, creating an eternity design similar to diamond eternity rings. We love how the eternity (meaning, unending) design is a sweet parallel to lasting love and friendship. Options come in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, so you can find the perfect option for you and your bestie.
  • What is a tennis bracelet? It's a super versatile and classic piece of jewelry. It’s a piece of fine jewelry that is elegant and stunning yet pairs with anything else that you’re wearing. Our DRD Tennis Bracelet is timeless and endlessly gorgeous.
  • We also love mixing things up by adding our own twist to such a timeless, diamond tennis bracelet design as seen in our Lulu Jack Single Row Bezel Bracelet and Lulu Jack Double Row Bezel Bracelet. The double row is a subtle nod to life shared with a best friend. 

Personalizing Friendship Bracelets

We love letters and words. Both the meaning(s) and how they look on a piece of gleaming gold. Looking down at your wrist and seeing someone dear to your heart’s name/initial or a word/phrase that reminds you of them brings instant comfort. Especially if your bestie is someone you don’t see everyday, diamonds and words can feel like a warm hug. Here are a few DRD personalized favorites:   

  • The Cynthia Rose Starburst ID Bracelet has enough space for a name, word or even a short phrase. Best friend’s name? Your names together? Inside joke? Movie quote that makes both of your hearts sing? We also love the shimmer from the starburst’s diamond — another homage to a friendship written in the stars. 
  • The DRD Diamond Name Cuff is a very straightforward, proud way to rock your best friend’s name! It’s bold bling that’s fun! We love how stackable cuffs are - they look cool with everything.
  • Sometimes the most simple things honor something huge. Our DRD Initial Cuff is a sweet way to pair your initial alongside the initial of your best friend! 
  • The DRD Heart Bracelet is another ode to the art of subtlety. The gold heart is lovely and engravable!
  • This is more of a side note/outlier comment: Some of the best moments as a parent are watching your kids form solid, loving bonds with their friends.  Our DRD Best Friends Kid’s Bracelets celebrate those budding friendships! 

We love watching friendships unfold! Tag us with your bestie, show us your bling and tell us your story! 

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