2024 Jewelry Trends

2024 Jewelry Trends

2024 Jewelry Trends

Real talk from Dana! This is a trend report from a person who hates trends! But I am also an information fanatic lover of fashion, and staying current is so important. SO, I do have thoughts to share on jewelry trends in 2024! Check out which styles I’m anticipating plus the “it” materials, colors, and designs that are set to dominate the fashion/jewelry world this year. 

I would like to add that staying true to YOU is always most important - if you’re not feeling a trend but are instead guided by your own intuition when creating an awesome look, go for it, always! One of the best things about jewelry is that if the design has classic roots, the piece will seamlessly translate to current times!

Upcoming Jewelry Trends

Bling Earrings Are IN!

Based on the most recent Golden Globes: bling is IN! Per the red carpet, I think we’re going to see a lot of statement earrings and longer drop earrings. Whether you're opting for subtle sophistication or making a bold statement, bling earrings are the definitive must-have, seamlessly transitioning from day to night and complementing every outfit with a touch of sparkle. 

Our Sarah Leah Six Burst Gold Huggies bring the bling and always make a statement, while the Jumbo Tapered Gold and Diamond Hoops are high-impact stunning. I love wearing our Sadie Pearl Baguette Vertical Bar Drop Earrings - they’re unique and dazzling in such a special way. I’ve also seen people rocking the single-earring look lately!


Necklaces can be combined in harmonious layers, allowing you to curate a personalized and dynamic stack. Mix lengths, experiment with textures, and blend different styles to create a layered look. Layering is perfect for encouraging self-expression, enabling you to showcase your unique style through a carefully curated symphony of jewelry pieces.

For necklace layering, I have a pretty solid system in the following order: base + station + anchor = success! Not trying to toot my own horn, but DRD has been a fan of the necklace/bracelet/earring stack since…forever! 

When it comes to a great base necklace, I love: any of our tennis necklaces like our Lulu Jack Graduating Bezel Tennis Necklace. The Sophia Ryan Marquise Station Necklace makes a fantastic station (or middle) necklace. Finally, the Lulu Jack Vertical Bar and Diamond Bezel Link Necklace is a lovely way to tie the stack together.


I’ve always been a fan of the diamond cuff bracelet - they’re a fun way to make a statement and/or allow your wrist stack to pop! From bold statement cuffs to intricately designed bands, they effortlessly elevate your style, adding a touch of modern sophistication.

My Ava Bea Flexi Cuff almost never leaves my wrist! The flexible, 14k gold is super comfortable and the row of diamond sparkle is gorgeous. Our Sadie Pearl Baguette Cuff is another one that I love - it’s kind of a show stopper.   

Designs in Focus

Texture, texture, texture! 

This year, we see an elevated focus on textures - the harmonious blending of metals, chains, and styles. Mixing and matching different textures adds depth and dimension, creating a visually captivating and uniquely personalized aesthetic. This look can be easily achieved in some fun ways! I love mixing chains and styles - i.e. something delicate next to something bold. 

A cuban chain bar necklace adds interesting contrast to a stack while a pebble station necklace brings simplicity without sacrificing texture. Adding something chunky to your look is high-impact cool. Nana Bernice was always on point so of course the Nana Bernice Large Crossover Gold Hoops satisfy the texture trend category.   

Get Personal! 

2024 is the year to infuse your jewelry collection with that extra personal touch. Leaning into customization allows you to tell a story through personalized pieces adorned with initials, birthstones, or meaningful charms. This not only adds sentimental value but also ensures that your jewelry becomes a unique extension of your personality and individual style. Engravings and/or gold and diamond initial or number charm are a go-to for making something uniquely yours. 

The Poppy Rae Large Pebble Initial Necklace not only captures sentiment but adds great contrast to a stack. Our DRD Initial Cuff is an everyday staple and allows me to proudly honor both of my daughters in a beautiful way! However, don’t dismiss your own sense of style! Mix things up by utilizing your fab jewelry collection!  I often go through my jewelry box to see what I may have forgotten about. 

  • i.e. Have a vintage charm? Add it to any chain! Have an old chain? Put a new charm on it. It's always on trend to express yourself through your jewels.

Feminine Fever! 

I’m noticing that feminine looks are trending and that this resurgence celebrates the romantic and graceful aspects of femininity. Elevate your look with subtle necklaces, diamond bracelets, and diamond earrings that capture the essence of sophistication. This makes things easy if you own and love jewelry, as every piece has a truly feminine touch.

Tennis Necklaces always produce a strong look that every woman should feel proud to rock. They’re dazzling and powerful like every woman! Jewels are like a built-in, blingy bow — they exude fem fun! Btw: bows ON jewelry seem to be popping up too. 

The 1970’s are calling! 

I love modern times but there are some decades that really nailed it in terms of fashion. The 70s are the era of bold self-expression with oversized hoop earrings and statement pendants. Get ready to see more bold statement pieces! 

I consider my Sylvie Rose Disc and Pave Bar necklace (that I wear almost everyday) to have some great 1970’s flair. 

Go for the Gold! 

Gold takes center stage as the reigning metal of choice in 2024, offering a truly timeless look. Whether you prefer classic yellow gold, trendy rose gold or luxurious white gold, we see more people incorporating gold into their jewelry collection. From minimalist designs that stand the test of time to bold, chunky pieces that make a statement, going for the gold ensures timeless versatility. Bold gold is standing firm as a trend so continue rocking those shiny, polished gold hoops, rings, different types of bracelets and necklaces!

Our large hoops capture the gold and bling jewelry trends - they’re simply stunning period end of sentence. If a big hoop feels like too much, check out our solid gold hoops - they’re the perfect balance of BAM and chill. 

March to the beat of your own drum, ladies! If you’re not connecting with a trend(s), I feel you. If you’re going for delightful fashion moments in any sense, show us what you’re rocking: @danarebecca / #everydayluxe

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