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Courtney Lauren Lavender Quartz Drops


These 14k rose gold Courtney Lauren lavender quartz drops are truly one of a kind. The lavender quartz is exquiste combined with the green eye opal. 14k Rose Gold0.36 Diamond Carat Weight4.84 Green Eye Opal Carat Weight24.06 Lavendar Quartz Carat...

Courtney Lauren Opal and Quartz Drops


These extraordinary Courtney Lauren drops are unique, timeless, and remarkable. Made of 14k white gold, diamonds, opal and tourmaline. The gemstones have a purple hue that is ultra feminine and unique. 14k White Gold0.50 Diamond Carat Weight25.78 Opal...

Courtney Lauren Opal Studs


These 14k yellow gold opal studs are anything but ordinary. All Dana Rebecca Designs OOAK pieces are skillfully handcrafted with great attention to every detail. Opals is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.This gorgeous 10.75 carat oval opal...

Courtney Lauren Sapphire and Opal Drops


There is a reason they are One of a Kind, these 14k yellow gold earrings are the ultimate in drop earrings. An opal and yellow sapphire create this jaw dropping Courtney Lauren earring. The gold and diamond details that frame each stone and unique and...

Courtney Lauren Tourmaline Drops


These 14k white gold Courtney Lauren drops will steal her heart! The One of a Kind beauties are a combination of diamonds, tourmaline and dolomite. The vivid colors are perfect to glam up your LBD, or even your jeans! 14k White Gold0.50 Diamond Carat...

Courtney Lauren Turquoise Drops


Opal, turquiose, 14k white gold, and diamonds create this unique One of a Kind drop earring. The intricate diamond detailing on this drop is unforgettable. 14k Yellow Gold0.78 Diamond Carat Weight13.72 Opal Carat Weight16.22 Turquoise Carat WeightStud...

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