Why We Don't Share Prices

Why We Don't Share Prices

Why We Don't Share Prices

I love when clients/prospects ask me questions via various channels: social media, email, in-person. It’s really fun to interact with the people who make my business hum (and the range of subjects is always entertaining). One question that comes up fairly often, probably because it’s a great one, is: Why don’t we share custom ring prices on our platforms? 

Simply put: It’s highly personal + boils down to priorities. 

For example: If you saw your dream ring alongside a $30,000 price tag [while knowing that your budget is max $25,000], you might get sad and discouraged. BUT, if you show me a photo of your dream ring and tell me your budget, we’re usually able to deliver after a highly personalized experience that begins with identifying your goals. All conversations start by breaking down the 4 C’s: color, clarity, carat + cut. Then, we put your dreams into action! 

My Advice: Identify THE ring that you love and find a way to make it happen versus feeling intimidated by what someone else is spending. 

One more thing: We take our customer’s privacy seriously. Sometimes rings can be very specific, so we wouldn’t want to show a photo attached to a price that would then breach someone's privacy/trust. 

Keep the questions coming - ya’ll are smart cookies!

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