What is a Promise Ring?

What is a Promise Ring?

What is a Promise Ring? Understanding the Symbolism

We live in a world that’s full of quick decisions, fast reactions, and speedy outcomes. The “dive in headfirst” mentality is fun and exciting, and in some situations, is the way to go. However, major life commitments can and should require extra time. A promise ring is a beautiful sentiment to give or receive. It isn’t an engagement ring that suggests a soon-to-follow wedding but it is a ring that emphasizes the love, commitment and promise of what’s to come in a couple’s journey without attaching a timeline. Promise rings are another way to tell your partner: I choose you today, yesterday and tomorrow –  this ring represents our forever love.

“It’s hard to pump the brakes and wait for the right time to get engaged because naturally, you don’t want to slow down and risk dimming the pure bliss of being in love with your partner. A promise ring is the ideal solution for a situation like this - it’s a way to solidify the love and commitment before plunging into a formal proposal. But also, love is love, I know many people who were engaged after a few months of dating and it has worked out beautifully,” says Dana Gordon, Owner and Founder of Dana Rebecca Designs.

Traditions and History Surrounding Promise Rings

Promise rings might remind you of your favorite heart throb movie from adolescence, but they’ve actually been around for centuries. There is evidence of promise rings in:

  • Ancient Rome! During this time, a promise ring (usually made of iron) was slipped onto a future bride’s finger while the couple observed the mandatory waiting period before getting married. 
  • 16th century England! Here, posey rings started to pop up throughout the country. These versions of promise rings were engraved with romantic poems or phrases [side note: DRD loves adding engravings!]. 
  • Georgian and Victorian Eras! In these eras, acrostic rings became popular and took things to the next level as words or messages were spelled with glistening gemstones! 

What is the Difference Between a Promise Ring, Purity Ring and Engagement Ring? 

  • Purity Ring: This is sometimes known as an abstinence ring and is worn to honor a pledge that a young person takes to remain celibate until marriage. 
  • Engagement Ring: This is a ring given to a partner that symbolizes love, commitment and the intention of marriage in the near future. 
  • Promise Ring: This is a ring that isn’t given with the intention of having a wedding in the near future, but to symbolize commitment, sincerity and love with a promise of an eventual engagement and/or lifelong commitment. 

How to Select a Meaningful Promise Ring

“We often look to the past for design inspiration! Promise rings today can be subtle or ornate - there are no rules and they can be worn on any finger. Some people wear them on their ring finger (left hand) as a type of place holder for the engagement ring but some wear them on their pointer finger or pinky – it’s all good and totally personal,” Gordon says. 

Whether you decide to choose a classic yellow gold ring, or perhaps something more intricate, like a ring adorned with baguette diamonds or entwined with diamond-laden infinity symbols, promise ring styles are endless. Choose an option that speaks to you and symbolizes your love and commitment.

DRD Promise Ring Options & Inspo

BTW: ALL of these options will flow into your ring stack with grace and glamor!

DRD is dedicated to understanding visions and dreams and we believe that love should lead the way. If you’re not seeing exactly what you have in mind, our custom design process is fun and easy - we love collaborating with our clients! Please email or call us to discuss promise ring options and more! We also want to see your promise rings and hear about your love story - tag us [@danarebecca / #danarebecca]!

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