The Best Reasons To Buy Yourself Jewelry

The Best Reasons To Buy Yourself Jewelry

The Best Reasons To Buy Yourself Jewelry


You've landed your dream job! Or maybe just *a* job. Whatever - congrats, girl. I'm willing to bet you hustled like hell and you deserve to reward yourself. Buy yourself something you can wear on the first day in your new role and every day thereafter. Every time you see that piece you'll remember how hard you worked and how you have the power to make your dreams come true. 

My Pick: I'd gift myself a pair of great everyday earrings like our DRD Huggies or the Poppy Rae Pebble Hoops.


I think graduation often symbolizes a transition into something bigger. From the twenty-something who just graduated with their bachelor's degree and is entering the "real world" to the forty-something who has been attending night school to finish their MBA - these are monumental achievements which should be celebrated with bling.
My Pick: Go for a stacking ring. You'll get to stare at it daily and remember how hard you worked. Over time you can add more stacking bands to commemorate other milestones and the rings will become a visual representation of all your achievements.


Jewelry holds memories. From the birth of a child to a big move, jewelry can capture those moments and keep them evergreen in gilded form. Our customers have created some really special pieces lately if you need inspiration. Recently, a newly engaged client bought herself one of our Name Cuffs with her soon-to-be last name. Another client engraved her childhood address on the back of our mini heart bracelet after a new job moved her across the country; she said she wanted to always remember where she came from.

My Pick: Our personalized pieces go the extra step in capturing a memory. From our diamond Name Cuff to our Initial Rings, these mementos will hold your story close to you.


Finally quit smoking? Kept up your new year's resolution for the entire year? YES. YOU. DID. Treat yourself to something sparkly to celebrate this achievement and bask in the glorious feeling of "I did it!". 

My Pick: This calls for some BHE - Big Hoop Energy. Get yourself a killer pair of Dana Rebecca Designs hoops and strut your stuff knowing you can conquer anything you set your mind to.


Okay, I know what you're thinking - shouldn't other people be buying me jewelry for my birthday? Well, yes. Yes, they should. But the reality is while people have the best intentions they often don't know your style or think an Amazon gift card will suffice. At the end of the day who knows you better than you? No one. Go get yourself the birthday present you really want, we'll even wrap it for you.

My Pick: Nothing says "happy birthday to me" like a dainty diamond layering necklace. I love our Lulu Jack Bezel Bar Necklace in any iteration.


Instead of buying the standard t-shirt or snow globe, treat yourself to a piece of jewelry to commemorate a big trip. Buy it at the beginning, wear it the whole trip, and forever after the piece will remind you of the special memories you made there.

My Pick: I love finding something special that reminds me of where I am going. After one of my first trips to Hong Kong, I was inspired to create my Buddha necklace. Also, don't forget to take our DRD Travel Zip Case with you to keep all those trinkets organized and safe!


Have a bad day? Diamonds can fix that. Have a great day? Diamonds can make it greater. If you haven't gotten the gist yet, I am trying to tell you jewelry doesn't need to be for special occasions only and you certainly shouldn't be waiting around for someone else to buy you baubles. Get that gold, girl! 

My Pick: Literally anything - the sky's the limit! 

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