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Solitaire vs. Halo Engagement Ring

Some of us have dreamed about our engagement ring since childhood, while others are consumed with the excitement of infinite possibilities! We’ll narrow down some options by breaking down the difference between solitaire and halo rings. 

Features of Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings feature a single diamond or gemstone as the center stone of a metal band, highlighting its brilliance and timeless elegance. The solitaire setting, often secured by prongs, showcases the central diamond without any distractions, making it the perfect engagement ring for those who appreciate the simplicity and classic style. Available in various metals such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, a solitaire ring can be custom-designed to reflect personal preference and taste.

Typical Solitaire Diamond Cuts:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Pear
  • Emerald 

Best Settings for Solitaire Rings 

A four prong basket setting is ideal for keeping the diamond secure. Different types of diamond cuts may require a higher shape of minimum prongs to hold them into place.

Prong Options: 

  • V Tip
  • Claw Prong
  • Ball Prong
  • Double Prong

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are distinguished by a central diamond or gemstone surrounded by a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds, enhancing the overall brilliance and size of the center stone. The halo setting adds extra sparkle and makes the central diamond's size appear larger than the carat weight, making it a popular choice for those seeking a more glamorous style. There are also options like the hidden halo engagement ring, which features smaller stones beneath the center stone; halo rings offer intricate ring details. This style is perfect for those who want their dream ring to stand out with maximum sparkle.

Aesthetic and Visual Impact 

Both styles of enagagement rings can be high-impact in different ways!

  • A solitaire ring is more simple in design yet depending on the size and shape of the diamond, is quite a showstopper. 
  • A halo ring brings extra sparkle and a beautiful illusion as the surrounding diamonds accentuate the center diamond shape and make it appear larger.  

Price Considerations

  • Most important: It’s essential that each client feels supported throughout the entire process, start to finish, regardless of budget. 
  • DRD experts won’t present anything that’s extremely out of your price range. 
  • You can achieve the same level of finger coverage for less money with a halo ring if the center stone is smaller with diamonds around it vs. a solitaire ring with one larger center stone.

How to Choose the Right Ring for Your Style 

There are no rules, let personal preference and style guide the way! The following are some options to consider. 

Classic Engagement Rings 

Traditional Engagement Rings 

  • These are timeless styles (like a classic ring) but have more of a detailed design component like a pave wedding band, etc.. 
  • Often a platinum or white gold band.  

Romantic Engagement Rings 

  • Feature softer shapes
  • Warm gold tones
  • Option to add sweet, romantic details inside of the band like engraving or a subtle color stone in the halo.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings 

  • Often includes some kind of special detail on the band or around the stone, like a milgrain, where small beads of metal are used to create borders. 
  • There is often additional stone detailing like side stones, etc.. 

Colored Gemstone Rings  

  • A gemstone featuring a color vs. a classic white diamond. 
  • Some deeper colors to consider: sapphire, emerald and ruby.
  • Some lighter colors: aquamarine, citrine and topaz.  

Lifestyle and Comfort 

Both halo and solitaire rings are equally comfortable and function the same way. However, it’s a good idea to take into account your lifestyle when choosing a ring. Ask yourself questions to help guide you to the ring that’s best for you!

  • Will I wear my engagement ring everyday?  
  • Will my ring make my profession and/or hobbies difficult? If so, choose a simple wedding band without diamonds that you can wear when a diamond might be in the way. 
  • Do I want a gold band on my engagement ring or a pave diamond band? 
  • Do I love yellow, white or rose gold?  
  • Do I like a more high impact, statement ring or something lovely, sparkly and subtle?  

Care and Maintenance for Solitaire and Halo Rings

  • Don’t sleep or shower with your rings on.
  • Remove rings before you exercise as sweat will dull the shine while gripping weights can harm the diamond’s setting.
  • Drop your rings off wherever you bought them for a professional, deep cleaning once a year. 

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If you’re located near Chicago, head to the DRD showroom for a consultation to view the bridal collection in-person. 

If you’re not local, DRD experts are available via phone, email and face-time to show you options and discuss anything you’re not seeing online.  

DRD Standards: 


All DRD diamonds adhere to the gold standard of GIA grading, guaranteeing the best quality and authenticity in every stone.


Proudly based in the Windy City, DRD crafts and creates in their own factory, where hands-on dedication, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are central. 


We take pride in crafting lasting jewelry with fine, ethically sourced materials, including conflict-free diamonds from carefully chosen suppliers.


Transparency and complete honesty is DRDs’ core value. DRD clients know exactly what they are getting when it comes to quality and expert craftsmanship. 

As you consider things like solitaire vs. halo, remember to find the joy in every choice! This is such a special life moment that you’ll remember forever so have fun and revel in the sparkle.

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