Sharing my India Experience

Sharing my India Experience

Sharing my India Experience

I'm heading to India & have some big feelings, friends! 

Some Background: I've been traveling to India since I launched DRD almost 16 years ago (but my family's link there goes way back). Forty plus years ago, my Dad connected with a family based in Mumbai regarding their loose diamond business. Eventually, this family got involved in jewelry manufacturing and, in partnership with my Dad, built an incredible factory in Mumbai. In fact, several of the family members from India completed their training in our Chicago factory. This was great bonding time as they lived near us for several months. We cherish our professional/personal relationship and consider each other family. I know that they value the success of DRD like their own company which is so special.

Pre-Covid Times: I used to travel to Mumbai four times a year (often with my brother, Noah). In February 2020 (!!), I went on what would be my last trip to India... until now!

As we approached the end of 2022, I re-connected with the familiar feeling of wanting in-person time with my team overseas. Because we produce some of our jewels in India, the process of creating new collections can be lengthy. Being on the ground in Mumbai speeds up communication so that decisions can be made faster. For example, I can check samples and make immediate changes before they're shipped to Chicago while also catching larger issues that might require a new piece to be started from scratch. With Kelsey (my right hand in production here in Chicago) on maternity leave, I’m temporarily (and for a great reason) missing someone who is vital to my process/organization. Planning this trip right now feels like a smart way to get our 2024 collections organized. 

Side note of Gratitude: I've been firmly planted in Chicago for most of Covid. My travel schedule went from chaotic to calm. I've been so lucky to be home for my team, my kids and myself. Without international travel, I've been more present and have been fortunate to experience so many of my kid's activities. Looking back, it's amazing how Covid not only forced us into remote work but how it challenged us to work differently (which in many ways, I appreciate). 


The Plan: 

My travel schedule is wild. If all goes well, I’ll:

1. Leave Sunday night

2. Arrive in Mumbai Tuesday @ 2am

3. Power Nap

4. Report to our factory Tuesday morning

5. Share fun, behind the scenes content with all of you throughout the day on Tuesday + Wednesday  

6. Fly home late Wednesday night

7. HOPEFULLY land back in my own bed (aka, my happy place) on Thursday

While a longer trip would be nice, I simply don't have the time. PLUS, I hate adapting to one time zone over such a short period because it leads to jet lag on the home end — basically it's Dana vs. jet lag - wish me luck. 

I can't wait to share travel details with you guys -- please feel free to DM me any questions!

PS: I know people are wondering if Noah is joining me: unfortunately, he’s not.

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