Ring Too Big? Tips On How To Resize A Ring

Ring Too Big? Tips On How To Resize A Ring

We have all experienced the ring that’s not quite right. Beautiful, yet the fit is off for a variety of reasons. Have you ever made a makeshift ring tightener using a rubber band to make your too large ring “fit”? Or, have you had a moment of panic that you might have to cut your rings off due to spontaneous finger swelling? This is all normal — annoying — but normal. There are a variety of reasons why rings don’t fit. Sometimes it’s a small, temporary issue while other situations require a longer term fix so that sizing can always be altered. Today, we're spotlighting a client who needed a special ring to fit her finger - and DRD gladly delivered!  

The Situation

A DRD client has arthritis which has been interfering with wearing her rings. Due to the arthritis, the client’s knuckles are larger than her actual ring finger size. Because of this, she has had to wear a larger ring to fit over her knuckle. This was not ideal as the ring would slide around the lower part of her finger which was annoying and uncomfortable. 

The Assignment

DRD was asked to create a ring that would not only fit around the client’s knuckle, but would also fit properly around the bottom half of her finger. DRD understood the assignment! Check out the TikTok video here! Not on TikTok? See the video on Instagram here

To make this happen, DRD created a ring expander that was built into the ring. An expander is a mechanism that makes it possible to open and close a ring. With an expander, the ring is able to fit over the knuckle while also fitting properly around the base of the finger.  

This was a custom design due to how technical the expander mechanism is. Therefore, a ring expander can’t be added to an existing ring as it’s built into the ring’s design. 

The result: the ring opens as it glides over the knuckle, and then closes when it reaches the desired spot on the finger. 

The Custom Process & How It Works

The custom design is tailored to each client’s unique vision. All forms of style from over-the-top to understated, classic simplicity can be achieved.

The DRD team consistently produces everything from extravagant showstoppers to stunning and subtle beauties. Each piece is crafted from the finest, ethically sourced materials and handmade in their Chicago factory.

  • If you’re located near Chicago, a consultation will take place in the DRD showroom (which is super easy to book!). 
  • If you’re meeting in person, a DRD specialist will measure your ring size and knuckle in order to create the expander within the ring. 
  • If you’re not local, DRD experts are available via phone, email and face-time to walk you through the entire process. Pro tip: have inspiration photos of styles of rings you like on hand! 
  • After the design meeting(s), DRD will show you a CAD image (a digital blueprint) of your custom piece.
  • Once the design is approved, production begins. Production typically takes 4-6 weeks. 
  • The process ends with a thorough quality check to make sure that everything is perfect and that you love your new ring! 

Measuring Your Ring Size In-Person & Remote

  • If DRD can’t measure your ring and knuckle size in person, have no fear - checkout the size guide!
  • To get your most accurate ring size, DRD suggests ordering the DRD ring sizer kit
  • The kit has both US (1-13) and UK (A-Z) whole and half sizes. Half-sizes are indicated by a “-.” DRD uses US sizes.
  • If you don't have a sizing kit, estimate your size using an existing ring. 

    1. Choose a ring that already fits your finger well & place it on a flat surface.
    2. Measure the interior diameter of the ring & convert that diameter to circumference (I know, math (!!), but the internet has quick conversion power).
    3. Based on the number above, choose the closest US (1-13) size.
  • No ring kit & no ring? You could always go old school by tying a piece of string around your finger and mailing it to the DRD showroom. This is not super accurate but better than nothing!  

Who is an Expander Candidate? 

In short, anyone! Bust especially those with:

  • Arthritis 
  • Finger injuries that have caused a finger to become crooked or the knuckle to be enlarged.
  • Those who experience fluctuation in fingers i.e. swelling with pregnancy, etc.. 
  • Those who often experience changing climates as fingers swell in warmer weather and during the transition. 

The bottom line: DRD is all about the client while deeply focusing on every aspect of the process from the design concept to the way that each piece functions. Creating a detail like a ring expander brings everyone joy and satisfaction. Jewelry is one of the ultimate ways to express yourself — nothing should stand in the way of rocking the diamond ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings of your dreams! YOLO!

Alternative Temporary Ring Resizing Options

While our innovative ring expander is a fantastic solution for those with fluctuating finger sizes, there are other methods to resize your engagement ring, wedding band, or any beloved piece of jewelry. The next most reliable and permanent solution to adjust your ring size is to see a professional jeweler. A reputable jeweler can resize your ring larger or smaller by either adding or removing metal. This ensures the ring fits perfectly without compromising its integrity or design. If you have an intricate design on a half way band, a professional can handle these complexities with precision. However, we understand that you may just be looking for a quick, temporary solution. Amazon or other local retailers are a good place to look.

Spring Inserts

Spring inserts are a great option if you need a temporary fix or if you prefer not to alter the ring's structure. These are small metal springs placed inside the ring band, which make a loose ring fit more snugly. 

Ring Guards

Ring guards, also known as ring size adjusters, are flexible bands that wrap around the base of your ring. They are an excellent choice for making a ring smaller without permanent modification. They are great for providing a quick and easy adjustment to ensure the correct size.

Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are small metal beads added to the inside of the ring band. These beads reduce the ring's internal circumference, making it fit tighter on the finger. Sizing beads are particularly useful for those who have a ring that spins around their finger or for adjusting the fit of a ring with intricate designs.

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