Ring Stacking 101: How to Stack Your Rings

Ring Stacking 101: How to Stack Your Rings

Ring Stacking 101: How to Stack Your Rings

Ring stacking is an art form — it’s sculptural and meaningful. That’s why building a stack is so fun: it’s a creative outlet and a beautiful way to express your personal style. This is the DRD guide to curating a personalized ring stack that takes into account important things such as varying ring sizes, textures and colors to create a visually harmonious ring set. Plus, we'll explore the balance between statement and minimalist pieces, how to incorporate mixed metals and the significance of spacing and symmetry in ring stacking.

The Basics of Ring Stacking & Where to Begin

  1. There are no rules! This list is to help get you going vs. an attempt to put your brilliant mind in a box. You do you always and forever! The best stacks are the ones that grow organically over time – just go for it! 
  2. A GREAT stack begins with what you already own. Don’t buy a stack of rings that must be worn together, you should love rocking each ring alone AND as a stack. Stacking is a journey and an adventure - have fun! 
  3. Consider the composition and inspiration. Think about rings that make you genuinely happy because they’re sentimental and/or you just think they’re beautiful! Choose one ring that will serve as the “guiding light,” — maybe it’s your wedding band or an heirloom? If you need some inspo, our initial rings are a sweet way to add some extra sentiment to a your perfect ring stack
  4. Depth and contrast will add dimension! Adding something skinny/sleek (like the Sophia Ryan Teardrop Ring) — next to a thicker ring (like our Sophia Ryan Infinity Ring or Sadie Pearl Vertical Ring) will make things pop. Think about symmetry too – are you going for a look that has a balanced, uniform vibe or more of a mashup of various styles? Again, there are no rules - most ring stacks magically work - there is beauty in the randomness! 
  5. Incorporate texture a few times. We recommend adding a smooth ring (or two) into a stack to balance out the look. The silky glow of pure metal against sparkling, bold stones brings a sense of harmony amidst the contrast. We have created this look in our Poppy Rae Diamond Pebble Ring – we love adding this ring to a stack as it easily adds a modern edge to the glam. We also dig the look of incorporating a metal ring that has some texture, like our Poppy Rae Large Pebble Ring or the Melody Eden Vertical Gold Bar Ring.
  6. Power clashing is cool! We love the look of various shades of the same color side by side - it adds an ombre vibe and looks especially lovely with colorful gemstones. Think: a sapphire next to aquamarine or a ruby alongside rose quartz.
  7. Mixing metal is the move. There is something beautiful and unexpected when white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are paired together.  Different colors of metal add vibrance and intrigue while also breaking up the look of the stunning stones. The DRD Gold Bands come in various metals and widths that range from 2mm-5mm!
  8.  Utilize all of your digits! Stacking doesn’t need to be confined to one stack on one finger. We love the look of rings on pinky and pointer fingers. The Sadie Peral Double Baguette Signet Ring shines on a pinky, while the Nana Bernice Large Crossover Ring beautifully punctuates a pointer finger. Spreading rings across your hand is cool and fun! Having space between rings is a great way to let each ring shine alone while playing well with others.  Our collection of gold stackable rings is a great starting place for those looking for a one-stop shop for stackable rings that we just know will pair perfectly together. 
  9. No one likes a [finger] muffin top! Simply put: ring size matters. As your ring stack grows in number, it may start to feel tight. Therefore, you might want to have a few rings that are slightly larger than your actual size so that your stack feels comfortable. For example, a base ring might be slightly larger than a ring worn higher up in your stack. If you’re trying to measure your ring size at home, try out our ring sizer kit. 
  10. If you are hard on your jewelry, stacking is not ideal. Because the rings are pressed together, added friction from highly physical activities (i.e. working out, doing dishes, rock climbing, etc.) can loosen stones and damage metal. It’s great to get in the habit of removing your jewelry before any kind of tough activity – we’ve got some solutions for jewelry care! We love our Rose Gold Travel Jewelry Zip Case for those moments when we’re away from home and need to take our precious goods off!  Our DRD Luxe Box is another swell storage option. Finally, our Jewelry Cleaner and Dish comes in handy when you simply forget to take off your rings [we get it, they sometimes feel like one with your finger which is a good thing!] and need to clean your ring at home. 

Now get to stacking! We love to see your creations so please grab a pic of your goods and tag us on insta  [@danarebecca / #everydayluxe]. DRD is a team of communicators - we love talking to our clients about anything and everything – please email or call us to discuss ring stacking options and more! 

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