Packing your Jewels for Travel

Packing your Jewels for Travel

How To: Pack your Jewels for Travel

So you’re going somewhere fabulous and aren’t sure how to pack your jewels efficiently. Well, first off, I’m jealous. Where are you going and can I come with? Secondly, stop worrying! I have so many tips and tricks to share with you to make sure all of your precious baubles travel safely.

If you travel often, I highly recommend investing in a jewelry travel case of some sort. They’re specifically designed with jewelry in mind. There are numerous options but most will have loops to keep necklaces separated and knot-free, cushioned ring rolls or slots to avoid scratching, and earring organizers so nothing ever gets lost. The snazzy jewelry roll pictured below may or may not be launching soon for purchase through Dana Rebecca Designs. And by may or may not I mean it most definitely is (and at the end of this blog you'll have a chance to sign up to be notified when it launches)! If you aren’t ready for a travel case or you’re reading this blog because you’re leaving tomorrow and need ideas RIGHT NOW – read on for my tips and tricks, sans travel case.   

Tip #1

Keep things separated! You might think you can throw two necklaces into a pouch and they’ll be safe for the flight but necklaces have a finely tuned talent for tangling. If you have some soft pouches to keep them in, perfect, if not – a mini Ziplock baggie does the trick. Be sure to seal the bag with the clasp hanging out, this way the necklace won’t tangle or knot. (This advice also applies to chain bracelets). Additionally, I’ve seen people thread their necklaces through a straw then clasp them shut before putting the whole thing in a baggie. Plastic straws have been banned from my household (#savetheturtles) but this a great upcycle for the extra ones lying around your place!

Tip #2

If knotting is the talent of necklaces then losing its mate is earrings’ talent. I rely on the buddy system. Clasp earrings together and store pairs individually in a pouch or bag. Hoops and huggies can easily be looped together. For stud earrings I start with one stud with its backing already on then I slide the post of its mate through the backing of the first, and then secure the second backing on the second earring– voila, they’re stuck together.

Tip #3

On to rings, cuffs, and bangles. Let’s all stop and appreciate the fact rings and cuffs can’t knot or tangle. Bless them. They can, however, get bent or scratched. Again, keep your rings & cuffs stored in individual pouches or baggies. I recommend wrapping them in tissue paper inside the pouch or bag for extra protection, especially if the piece has stones.   

Tip #4 

Keep your jewels in your carry-on and close to you. I never check the bag my jewelry is in – I have such an emotional connection to my pieces. I could handle it if my luggage with my shoes were lost, but not my jewelry.  On second thought, I might not be able to handle losing my shoes. Those are being carried on, too.

Tip #5

When in doubt, wear it all. I’m half kidding half-serious. On a recent trip to Palm Beach one of my team members was so worried about her jewels getting lost she put everything she could reasonably fit on her person and strutted through security in sweats, sans makeup, sparkling like a disco ball. Amazingly enough, she didn’t set off the metal detector. It’s not my go-to tactic, but it works as a last resort.

And there you have it, you are now equipped to travel with jewels like a pro.
Thanks for reading and happy travels!
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