Mother's Day 2022 Note from Dana

Mother's Day 2022 Note from Dana

Mother's Day 2022 Note from Dana


I'm thinking about my mom from a new perspective this Mother's Day. She made motherhood look so easy. Before having kids, my mom was a special education teacher and dabbled in creative ventures like stained glass and a personalization business in the 90s. She put aside her career to raise Jen, Noah, and me, and she was the ultimate mom. For her, the transition from career woman to motherhood was effortless. She made it to every single activity and never missed a beat. Jen, Noah, and I laugh, remembering how she would put on her Sergio Tacchini jumpsuit, grab a handful of nilla wafers, and take us to school every morning. She was born to be a mom and excelled in every way possible, and continues to do as a grandmother to six kids. I don't know how she does it. In my mind, I'm nothing like her. I'm not calm, laid back, or easy-going. Motherhood doesn't come easy to me. Finding the right balance between work and parenting is a constant challenge. But my mom was such an incredible role model to me that every single day I hope to be like her. She set the standard. Her love, warmth, and shoulder were always there. DRD is my first child and one of my biggest joys, but motherhood is the greatest job I have. I hope Poppy and Lulu look up to me the way I do to my mom. 

Maybe I should start stuffing my pockets with nilla wafers - couldn't hurt, right?

xx, Dana

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