How to Measure Ring Size At-Home

How to Measure Ring Size At-Home

Understanding Ring Sizing & How to Measure Ring Size At-Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Ring sizing is one of those seemingly straight-forward tasks that actually has a few curve balls. A few important things to consider when trying to find the perfect ring size are: 

  • Environment and Habits. Did you eat more salt than normal this week? Is it a particularly cold or warm day? Finger size can fluctuate depending on the conditions. 
  • Duration of Time. Because your finger size can change given specific circumstances, we suggest measuring your finger over a few days to determine the best fit. 
  • Comfort is King/Queen. DRD is all about beauty AND comfort – your rings should feel snug but not tight. The goal is for your jewels to glisten while feeling great on your fingers – don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion, ladies! 

Troubleshooting Common Ring Sizing Issues

DRD loves ring stacking on one finger or creating a stack that’s spread throughout your hand with a ring or two on each finger. We also love the look of a single ring like a stunning work of art atop a blank canvas. As you dive into the sizing journey, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Width Wisdom: Think about the bold/delicate balance. Wide rings tend to feel tighter than skinny rings so consider sizing up for wider rings. For this reason, it’s important to have the ring type in mind as you’re measuring. You should also consider how you’ll typically rock the ring – will it be on its own or mostly incorporated into a stack?  A pinky ring or more of a statement ring?
  • Knuckle Knowledge: Large knuckles can be tricky. Land on a size that allows you to get the ring over your knuckles without being loose enough to fall off. Your ring should feel snug, not uncomfortably tight. 
  • Finger Facts: Your dominant hand side fingers tend to be a bit larger than the fingers on your opposite hand, so make sure you measure each finger on both hands for the most accurate measurements.

  • Stacking Stats: As your ring stack grows in number, it may start to feel tight. Therefore, you might want to incorporate a few rings that are slightly larger than your actual size so that your stack feels comfortable. For example, a base ring might be slightly larger than a ring worn higher up in your stack. Check out our thoughts on how to stack rings.


To get your most accurate ring size, we suggest ordering our DRD ring sizer kit. The kit has both US (1-13) and UK (A-Z) whole and half sizes. Half-sizes are indicated by a "-". DRD uses US sizes.




DIY Methods to Determine Your Ring Size (if you don’t have a sizing kit)

#1 Choice: Have a local jeweler take an accurate measurement. Reminder to ask for the US size in case you’re out of the country.

…OR, Work with What You Have at Home!

  • Choose an existing ring (from your own collection) that already fits your finger well & place it on a flat surface. 
  • Measure the interior diameter of the ring & convert that diameter to circumference (I know, math (!!), but the internet has quick conversion power). 
  • Based on the number above, choose the closest US (1-13) size.

Tips for Measuring Ring Size for a Surprise Gift

IMPORTANT: the element of surprise is pure gold so protect it! A ring can always be sized (especially if it’s too big) after the precious moment, so we say play it cool and don’t try too hard to find out his/her partner’s ring size and risk blowing your cover. These are a few stealthy ways to gather info: 

  • If you’re feeling confident and smooth, work the sizing question into casual conversation with your person. For example, you say: I have one of my grandpa’s old rings that is really cool but way too big and I want to adjust the size but not sure how. Btw: do you even know what your ring size is? Or something like that - be chill or say nothing.
  • Take a ring that your special someone already owns and follow our DIY methods (listed above). 
  • Ask friends/family if they happen to know the person’s size. Besties sometimes know random facts like this!
  • Casually go for a stroll around town and “spontaneously” pop into a jewelry store shop. Maybe he/she will happen to see a ring that they love and will then find out the correct ring size on the spot or mention it as they’re trying on the ring. 

DRD is a team of communicators - we love talking to our clients about anything and everything, so please email or call us to discuss ring sizing and more! We also want to see your sizing journey - tag us [@danarebecca / #danarebecca]!
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