How to Keep Necklaces From Tangling

How to Keep Necklaces From Tangling

How to Keep Necklaces From Tangling: Tips For Storage and Traveling

The frustration from an endless web of tangled necklaces can be next level. Some people excel at unraveling and treat the process like a meditative puzzle, while others want to rip apart their delicate necklaces and jewels in a fit of desperate rage. DRD can relate to both accounts! While we don’t have one fix-all solution, we can shed some light on how to keep necklaces from tangling [while wearing and storing them]. Jewelry should be loved and adored, hassle-free!

Why Do Necklaces Tangle?

  • Because humans move and chains are slippery! Don’t let the fact that this happens while wearing your diamond necklaces prevent you from rocking a gorgeous stack! Most of the time, this is a solvable problem [although those tiny knots may temporarily drive you mad]. 
  • When they’re stored in less than ideal circumstances - aka - tossed in a box or on your dresser with little care or precision! 
  • The mystery knot is known to happen because people are fidgety and curious. We highly recommend storing your necklaces away from other people (especially precious little kids or roommates prone to innocent mischief)!

Effective Storage Solutions to Prevent Tangling 

Small, plastic poly or ziplock bags are your friends! Each necklace should get its own bag to prevent tangling. Pro tip: clasp the necklace’s chain, place the main part of the necklace in the bag, and allow the clasped, higher part of the chain to hang out of the bag. 

Keep necklaces separate vs. jammed into a bag/box! You might think you can throw two necklaces into a jewelry box, but necklaces have a finely tuned talent for tangling. If you have the space, you can hang your necklaces from: 

Hang Them On Small Hooks

Small hook or a rod along your wall [this looks pretty too - nice way to showcase your collection that you should be proud of!].

Hang Them On A Necklace Hanger

Buy a necklace hanger that can sit on top of your dresser. This is another way to display your collection and flex your organization skills. Some people find it very satisfying to organize their collection by necklace type, i.e. segmented by pendant, bar, tennis, charm, etc.  

Store Them On A Flat Surface

Lay them on a safe, flat surface where no one will set anything on top of them (keeping space between each necklace). A box works for this, just don’t overlap the chains. 

Tips for Traveling with Necklaces

Try A Straw

When there is presumably more movement happening that causes things to shift in your bags, thread your necklace through a straw [we recommend reusable straws #savetheturtles] and clasp it shut before putting the whole thing in a baggie. Each necklace should have its own bag and straw.

Get A Travel Jewelry Organizer 

Get a travel case because it’s fun, compact and beautiful! The appropriately sized case features storage for rings, earrings, necklaces and more so that your collection stays organized and safe while on the go. Each cases' interior is lined with Wolf's signature LusterLoc fabric which further protects your pieces and keeps them shining. Note: While we love the bag, the best solution for keeping necklaces from tangling is by separating them in poly/ziplock bags. 

Wear Your Pieces

Unless you’re bringing your entire necklace collection on vacation, wearing all of your jewelry that you’re traveling with is a great way to prevent tangling! You might look kind of EXTRA, but you may be saving yourself from a hassle. 

How to Keep Layered Necklaces From Tangling During Wear

Mix and Match Your Necklaces

Incorporate different chain lengths and textures into your stack. Wearing multiple necklaces not only adds dimension to your look, but proves useful by preventing tangles! 

  • Try different textures that prevent tangling. A station necklace, like the Poppy Rae Pebble Station Necklace, is a miracle layering necklace as the balls don't tangle with other chains!
  • Add a shorter necklace to the stack that won’t overlap with your longer necklaces. Cuban chains are a great necklace for layering - they’re a heavier necklace and rigid enough that they don’t easily intertwine.
  • PaperClip Chains can’t really tangle and they look fab with any look! 

Clasp Your Necklaces Together 

Take two of the necklaces that you’re layering and clasp them together. Then, wrap the long necklace around your neck twice.

Remove Your Necklaces During Strenuous Activity

This seems obvious, but remember to take off your layered necklaces before working out, dancing, jumping - anything that's super active. Sleeping is also a recipe for inadvertently creating knots - those restless nights can come back to bite!

Troubleshooting: When Necklaces Have Already Tangled

  • PATIENCE… this is key as you’re often going to have to invest some time. Channel your most zen state!
  • Find two pairs of tweezers (ideal) or a few safety pins if you can’t find tweezers. 
  • Lay the necklace on a flat surface and unclasp it.
  • Slowly pull apart one of the knots with a pair of tweezers (or safety pin) while using the other pair of tweezers to separate the knots. The necklace should remain supported on a flat surface during this process.
  • Be gentle as you don’t want to sever a delicate chain during the detangling!

If you’re reading this post, you have likely experienced the headache of the dreaded knots and tangles. We are sending you empathy and support as you navigate the many twists and turns - YOU CAN DO IT! Your jewels are worth it.

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