How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home


Keep the Sparkle Alive & Make Your Rings Last a Lifetime

While DRD is meant to be worn every day, there should be some bling break time! It’s best to take off your jewelry before you workout, swim, shower or sleep in order to cut down on grime and buildup. But, life happens and inevitably, your sparkly jewels will encounter some dull moments. Below are Dana’s tips on how to clean a diamond ring and take care of your most precious things‌!

How to Know When Your Diamond Ring Needs a Clean

When it’s super obvious/after a sticky, goopy and messy substance covers your ring. 

  • In a moment like this, it’s best to clean the ring as soon as possible to combat the grime before it dries. Even if you only have access to water, it’s best to dunk it sooner versus later (a more thorough cleaning can happen when you get home). Keep in mind that more intricate rings, like gold statement rings or stacking rings, may collect residue more easily than a simple gold band and may need to be cleaned more often.

When the ring’s radiant sparkle is replaced by a dim, dull glow. 

  • This can happen gradually from everyday product buildup like makeup, lotion and soap. This kind of residue can also start to break down metals and dull gemstones. I say skip wearing jewelry in the shower and while you sleep. Moisture and product will gather in crevices and bacteria will start to grow (yuck) sooner than you might realize.

After four to six weeks without cleaning, go for it. 

  • Even if there isn’t an obvious reason to clean your ring, it’s good practice to get on a cleaning schedule for general maintenance and upkeep. 

Expert Advice on Diamond Ring Maintenance 

  • Diamonds & gold are two of the hardest materials on earth. However, they're NOT indestructible! The gym is good for the mind/body and tough on jewels. The items most prone to damage are your rings. Weight lifting, tightly gripping the handles of an elliptical, pressing your hands into the floor as you finally achieve that perfect handstand - these are all situations that can warp the metal of your rings or even chip a stone. Our Travel Jewelry Zip Case is great to have on hand when you need to take your beloved rings off for their own protection! 
  • The #1 place where jewelry gets lost is in water (pools, oceans and lakes)! Plunging into water or even hitting a surprise wave can easily remove jewelry from a slippery body. Skin naturally shrinks in water, which causes jewelry to fit much looser. Beware of chlorine in pools as it’s extra harsh and can strip your gems of their rich color and even breakdown gold. We love the DRD Jewelry Box – here your rings (and other jewels) are nestled at home, safe and sound, away from open bodies of water! 

Gentle Home Cleaning Remedies 

  • Good old soap and water! This method is classic and efficient – sometimes the most simple methods work best! My favorite jewelry cleaning cocktail is: Warm water, gentle dish soap and a soft toothbrush. A brush is extra important as it’s a safe way to get in between small cracks where gross things like to nestle. Then, softly pat the ring dry followed by a few minutes of air drying. This mixture/process gently yet effectively washes away buildup. 
  • A jewelry cleaner also works, but there needs to be something to move the dirt away, that’s why a soft toothbrush is great. I love our super easy DRD Jewelry Cleaner. Simply combine water with the contents of one cleanser pod in the eco-friendly jar, immerse your jewels in the solution, let rest for five minutes, then scrub with the gentle brush (that’s included)  to remove any gunk, rinse, and blot dry with a soft cloth! The solution is good for several uses; however, we recommend changing out the water once it becomes murky. The system comes with two cleanser pods. [Please note this cleanser is not safe to use on pearls, soft stones or other gemstones].  
  • We also offer our Jewelry Dish and Cleaner Set that comes with our cleaning solution! Everyone needs a trinket tray to store their favorite everyday jewels! I love to keep a few of these scattered around my house—by my sink, my bedside, in the kitchen, etc.—basically, anywhere I often take off my jewelry.
  • Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners  (found on Amazon) are another cleaning option. They use frequency waves that shake and rattle the jewels in order to clear the dirt and debris. They typically work well but due to the shaking from the machine, you should have a jeweler check your stones to make sure the prongs are tight — if they’re loose, your diamonds won’t be nestled snugly.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Rings

While gentle home cleaning remedies are a great way to maintain the beauty and shine of your clean diamond ring, it's crucial to be gentle and avoid certain substances that could harm both the stone and the band. Here are a few things to remember for effective and safe diamond ring cleaning:

  • Steer clear of harsh chemicals like bleach, chlorine, and acetone. These substances can weaken the metal of your ring's band. Similarly, avoid abrasive cleaners such as powdered cleaners and toothpaste, as they can erode the metal and alter the color of your ring.
  • Use only soft brushes for cleaning your diamond. Stiff-bristled or abrasive cleaning tools can scratch your diamond or its setting, particularly if it's a gold setting.
  • Be mindful of thick lotions and creams. These can leave a residue on your ring, making it appear dirty and potentially leading to discoloration, especially if your band is made of white gold or platinum.

  • Most importantly: live your life worry free! 

Most of these problems (listed above) can be solved. Your fine jewelry should be worn proudly [almost] all of the time! Even a little grime can’t stop your diamonds from glistening, so no matter what, enjoy the jewels and hit them with a little extra TLC from time to time. DRD is a team of communicators - we love talking to our clients about anything and everything, so please email or call us to discuss ring cleaning concerns and more! We also want to see your cleaning/care journey - tag us [@danarebecca / #danarebecca]! 

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