Exploring Different Styles of Wedding Bands

Exploring Different Styles of Wedding Bands

Exploring Different Styles of Wedding Bands

From classic to edgy to minimalst, we've got you covered.

Ready to tie the knot? We’ve got your back… and your finger! Picking your wedding ring is one of the most exciting parts of your special day. With its unbroken circle, the wedding band represents eternal love and unity. It is a tangible reminder of the bond between two souls joined in matrimony. That being said, finding the right wedding ring that represents you both as a couple can be overwhelming, but fret not that’s why we are here! We have broken down all you need to know about wedding band basics below to prepare you for this next step in your wedding planning journey.

Diamond Eternity Bands

Our most popular bridal style is certainly our diamond eternity band. This is the perfect pick for those looking for sparkle from every angle, you never have to worry about your ring turning to a non-diamond side. There are endless options for creating your ideal diamond wedding band. Recently we have seen many brides decide to mix and match based on their center stone by either matching their band to their center stone or finding a complementary shape to make their bridal stack dynamic. However, our best seller is our classic round which is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Either way, your heart falls, We love mixing brilliant-cut stones (rounds, cushions, radiants, ovals, etc.) with step cuts (emerald cuts, asschers, baguettes, etc.) to give different styles of sparkle or keeping things cohesive to create a classic look throughout your wedding ring stack. A diamond eternity band will never do you wrong; it'll look exquisite for, well, eternity.

‌Insider Tip: While eternity bands are the most glamorous rings with endless bling, we can make them in half and three-quarters styles. Eternity bands generally cannot be sized so opting for a three-quarter band still yields lots of bling while leaving room to size the ring in the future if needed. It can also save you some money without sacrificing the look you want. We have some of these ready to buy on our website or we can help you create your one-of-a-kind ring with the help of our bridal consultants. If you are interested in taking this route book an appointment in our New York or Chicago showroom here.

Classic Wedding Bands

Some rings never stop being popular - for good reasons. Classic diamond bands bring are delicate look with a simple row of small diamonds layered along the front of your wedding band but add the perfect amount of sparkle to complement your engagement ring without overpowering it. You can either custom-make any classic style of band to accompany your engagement ring or choose from our namesake collections filled with stunning bridal bands. For example, our DRD Round Eternity and Half Way Bands are the quintessential delicate diamond wedding band. Elegant and understated, it will never pull attention away from your stunning engagement ring but rather frame it and be your bridal stack's finishing touch.

Symbolic Wedding Bands

There is deep-rooted symbolism in the wedding band. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the circular shape naturally represented eternity. Many of the oldest wedding bands were braided or woven, representing the two lives becoming one through marriage. Our Sophia Ryan Infinity Ring is a very popular wedding band style for these reasons. Its woven style represents the two lives combining, and its eternity style represents the neverending love destined to last forever. Over the years many of our double bands have also become popular wedding rings for their dualistic symbolism. Our Poppy Rae band, for example, has two distinct bands forged together - representing both the individuals as singular and the couple as a whole.

Minimalist Wedding Bands

Many brides-to-be favor understated, minimalistic styles. A minimalistic wedding band is a perfect way to make sure your engagement ring is always the star of the show. One of our favorite styles lends itself perfectly to minimalist brides, which is the Alexa Jordyn Marquise and Round Alternating Ring. The alternating round and marquise diamonds give a special twist on the classic diamond band but still achieve the bridal feel. Additionally, our ultra-popular Sylvie Rose Slim Ring (available in a halfway and eternity style) makes a chic yet refined wedding band.

Bold & Unique

When you're anything but classic, you need bold bridal jewelry. For this style, the sky's the limit! As mentioned earlier our Bridal Experts can custom-make just about anything so feel free to flex your creative muscles with them and create something you know only you will have. If the custom wedding band route isn't for you, many of our in-stock bands make excellent wedding rings. Some of our go-to picks for a unique wedding band look would be our Vivian Lily Array Ring to give your bridal stack a romantic diamond motif and timeless appeal or our DRD Multi-Shape Rings to add some dimension with sparkle from a mix of oval, pear, and emerald cut diamonds set at alternating angles. 

What kind of wedding band do you think you'll pick? If you are having a hard time narrowing it down, remember, you can always reach out to us and we are more than happy to talk bridal styling with you. Also, many of our brides love to add more bands down the line to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, births, and personal achievements, so rest assured you can always add to your stack. If you are still stumped, we can, of course, make anything you've been dreaming of come to life. From men's bands to simple plain solid gold bands to a blinged-out geometrical diamond extravaganza - our bridal team will work with you to create the ring of your dreams.

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