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Different Types of Diamond Cuts & Shapes

The world of diamonds is beautiful, brilliant and vast! There are so many gorgeous cuts to consider in order to achieve that alluring, radiant glow. Discover the various diamond cuts & shapes with our ultimate guide! 

Features & Best Settings for Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are renowned for their exceptional brilliance and timeless elegance. The most popular diamond shape, the round brilliant cut diamond sparkles with unparalleled fire, making it a favorite for diamond engagement rings. These diamonds look stunning in a variety of settings, from classic solitaires to intricate halo designs.

  • Round diamonds are most commonly seen in solitaire settings with four or six prongs in yellow, white or rose gold. Six prongs tend to highlight the round shape more than four prongs. However, some people prefer four prongs if you’d like less metal around your diamond. 
  • Round diamonds hide color and clarity the best. Meaning, if your diamond has some flaws they’ll be well masked!

Features & Best Settings for Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds feature a perfect square shape, offering a modern yet elegant look. These brilliant cut diamonds are perfect for those looking for modern elegance in their diamond engagement ring. Princess cut diamonds look especially beautiful in pave settings, where the additional sparkle enhances the diamond's natural radiance.

  • Princess cut diamonds are a perfect square shape with 90 degree angles. 
  • DRD recommends pairing a princess cut with a pave diamond band. 
  • Princess cuts also hide color and clarity as the light reflects so beautifully off of them.

Features & Best Settings for Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds combine the best features of oval and round cuts, resulting in a soft, pillow-like shape with rounded corners - kind of like a cushion! Known for their soft glow and versatile appeal, cushion cut diamonds are a popular choice for halo settings that enhance their brilliance. Whether set in a classic gold band or surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, a cushion cut diamond makes a beautifully unique engagement ring.

  • The sparkle and proportions of cushion cut diamonds vary
  • Cushion cut diamonds hide clarity better than color.
  • Cushion cut diamonds look beautiful with a  ‘halo’ of diamonds that surround the center cushion stone. There is the option of having more than one layer of ‘halo.’
  • Cushion cut diamonds are even more radiant set in a pave band but you can’t go wrong with a classic, all gold wedding band either! 

Features & Best Settings for Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds offer a sophisticated, elongated shape that maximizes carat weight and creates a dazzling effect. These brilliant cut diamonds are perfect for those seeking a unique yet classic look, as their shape flatters the finger and enhances the diamond's sparkle. Oval cut diamonds are highly versatile and look stunning in a variety of settings, from simple solitaires to elaborate pave bands.

  • Oval diamonds are on the shallow side, so the color is very clear. 
  • You can achieve a “larger look” per carat weight with an oval shape.
  • Oval diamonds are very versatile so they can be set in many ways! For example, they look lovely set in a pave band or with solid white, yellow or rose gold bands.

Features & Best Settings for Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are distinguished by their elongated, rectangular shape and step-cut facets that create a mesmerizing "hall of mirrors" effect. Emerald cut diamonds shine beautifully in solitaire settings with side stones, adding a touch of vintage glamor to any diamond engagement ring.

  • Emerald cut diamonds are known for their “hall of mirror effect” as light seems to bounce off of them in the most radiant and mesmerizing way. Emerald cuts produce a very unique sparkle. 
  • It’s important to prioritize clarity over color with this shape. 

Features & Best Settings for Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear cut diamonds, also known as teardrop diamonds, combine the brilliance of round cuts with a distinctive pointed tip, creating a shape that elongates the finger and maximizes carat weight. This unique diamond shape is perfect for those seeking a blend of classic and contemporary styles. Pear cut diamonds look stunning in both pave and halo settings, making them a versatile choice for diamond jewelry.

  • Pear diamonds appear large even when they’re a lower carat weight.
  •  Prioritize color over clarity with pears shapes as color appears nicely in the tip of the pear. 
  • Pear diamonds standout when set in solid yellow, white or rose gold. A halo and/or pave setting is also gorgeous. 

Unique and Less Common Cuts

Radiant Cut:

Radiant cut diamonds merge the best aspects of round and emerald cuts, resulting in a diamond with trimmed corners and a brilliant cut that sparkles intensely. This diamond shape is ideal for those who want a unique and eye-catching engagement ring style that hides color and clarity imperfections well.

  • A radiant cut is like an emerald and a round shape had a baby!
  • Radiant diamonds produce an incredible sparkle pattern. 
  • Radiant cuts hide color and clarity favorably.

Asscher Cut: 

Asscher cut diamonds are square-shaped diamonds with step-cut facets that enhance their brilliance and clarity. Known for their vintage appeal, Asscher cut diamonds combine the elegance of emerald cuts with a distinctive, square silhouette.

  • Asscher cuts look like a cross between a square and an emerald cut. 
  • Asscher shapes hide color better than an emerald but it’s still important to prioritize clarity. 
  • Asscher cuts are on the rare side which drives up the cost. 

Trillion Cut: 

Trillion cut diamonds feature a striking triangular shape and are typically used as side stones but can also stand alone as a unique center stone. Trillion cut diamonds, with their sharp angles and exceptional sparkle, are perfect for those seeking an unconventional and modern twist on traditional diamond shapes.

  • A trillion cut is a triangle shape. 
  • Trillion cuts are most commonly used as a side stone.
  • Trillions are brilliant cuts and typically have rounded corners vs. the traditional pointed corners of a triangle.

How to Choose!

There are no rules, let personal preference and style guide the way! The following are some thoughts to consider. 

  • DRD recommends trying on a bunch of different diamond cuts to see what you love best on your finger! 
  • Determine what kind of setting you like the most while trying on various colors of metal i.e. white, yellow, rose gold or platinum! It’s also good to keep in mind if you want to match your engagement ring and wedding band. 
  • If you’re located near Chicago, head to the DRD showroom for a consultation to view pieces in-person. If you’re not local, DRD experts are available via phone, email and face-time to show you options and discuss anything you’re not seeing online. 
  • What style am I initially drawn to and what will I be proud to wear forever!? 
  • What feels the most comfortable? Close your eyes and fiddle with your ring — does it feel right? 
  • Will I wear my engagement ring everyday? 
  • Will my ring make my profession and/or hobbies difficult? If so, choose a simple wedding band without diamonds that you can wear when a larger, diamond engagement ring might be in the way. 
  • Do I want a plain metal band or a pave diamond band? 
  • Do I like a more high impact, statement ring or something lovely, sparkly and subtle?
  • Patience and calm! Sometimes you don’t find your ring immediately and that’s ok! It's out there — your sparkle awaits. 

The most important thing we’ll say: have fun on this journey, enjoy, breathe! Yes, you're choosing a tangible object so style, cut and setting matters immensely but you’re also going to remember this decision making period for the rest of your life! There is so much emotion behind all of these decisions so we say: soak it up, take breaks and give your fiance a kiss!

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