Choosing the Best Investment Pieces

Choosing the Best Investment Pieces

Choosing the Best Investment Pieces

In today's world of increasing awareness with regards to sustainability and mindful purchasing, one may wonder how jewelry fits in. People's eyes have recently opened to the problems of fast fashion, and the jewelry industry is no exception. Investing in well crafted, high-quality fine jewelry that you will wear your entire life (and perhaps even hand down) is the answer. Keep a cost-per-wear ratio in mind when shopping, and you will discover many pieces that feel unattainable at first glance are actually quite the opposite. Read on to learn which pieces, specifically, we think are worth adding to your forever wardrobe. 

Diamond Hoops

Jewelry trends come and go but hoops remain eternally chic. One of the most versatile earrings on the market, hoop earrings really are the leather jacket of the jewelry world. While we at DRD believe any piece of jewelry can be dressed up or down, and that even the most dramatic of statement earrings will still work with your jeans and t-shirt, hoops prove this better than any. If there is one style of earring you will adore just as much as when you first bought them 10, 20, even 30 years after the fact- it's diamond hoops. We offer three sizes of this classic earring so you can pick the size that suits your wardrobe and personality best. 

Diamond Eternity Ring

Similar to diamond hoops, a diamond eternity ring (sometimes referred to as an "infinity ring") is one of those styles that has never once fallen out of fashion, and likely never will. We love this style as a right-hand ring, a stacking band, as a wedding band, or even an alternative engagement ring. A diamond eternity band is not only the quintessential stacking ring but also the perfect solo statement. Truly it's the most versatile ring! (Spoiler alert: this is going to be a theme for this post.) 

Diamond Tennis Necklace

We aren't going to try to convince you to pull a Lisa Vanderpump and rock a massive diamond and emerald collar that looks like it was stolen from the Queen. Instead, we are going to encourage you to consider a gold and diamond layering necklace that is slightly grander than your go-to bar necklace, but just as versatile. An understated statement necklace is the best of both worlds. It's bold enough to pair with your cocktail attire and will be your go-to piece for any event or date night, but it also pairs seamlessly with the rest of your collection and looks just as much at home with your power suit in the office as it does with your jeans on girls' night. 


Bridal Set

This may seem like a no-brainer but you'd be surprised how many brides have come through our doors and have contemplated reworking their budget for items like food or flowers over their rings. We might be biased, but in our eyes, you should be investing in the things you can use on more than just the wedding day! The only things from your wedding you get to enjoy over and over again are your photos and your rings, so make sure you hire a great photographer and make the rings special. Your bridal set is the jewelry you'll be wearing with every outfit, for every occasion, for the rest of your life. This is the ultimate cost-per-wear piece, so shop accordingly! 

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