All About Noah

All About Noah

A Q & A with Noah

We sat down with Dana's older brother and bridal expert to ask a few questions about the man behind the loupe.

Noah is my older brother and the middle child of the sibling trio. He runs [and is vital] to our Bridal division and works out of the same office as Izzy, our Instagram-famous father. Noah is super knowledgable and his down-to-earth, no-fuss personality puts people at ease. Clients feel confident buying a diamond due to Noah’s grace, skill and guidance. Outside of the jewelry world, Noah is the father of two adorable kiddos, Reese Brooklyn (a DRD namesake) and Charlie "Chucky" Myles. He’s also a laidback sports nut who will try any snack, drink or candy that I bring him. 
Love my bro! Now time for a little q/a with the guy. 

How did you propose to your wife?

I got input from her about the shape of diamond and the style of ring that she wanted...and then I took care of the rest! Once I found the right diamond and the ring was finished, I surprised her one night at home with a private proposal...just the two of us. Then we met friends and family for dinner to celebrate!

Coming from a jewelry family, had you thought about this moment/ring before you met ‘the one’

Nope...not at all. I just knew that given my position and industry resources, I'd be able to put it all together very easily.

Are you a yellow or white gold band kind of guy?

Rings look terrible on me because of my jacked fingers (the result of years of youth baseball and my mom telling me to, “just tape them together with a popsicle stick,” if they were broken!). So, I actually do NOT wear a wedding ring! But if I did wear a band, I think that yellow gold looks better on me. It's really about how the color of the metal looks on your skin.
Besides inspiration from your clients and family, when do your design ideas strike? 
Design ideas hit me all of the time! I often have dreams about designs that I'm working on or different concepts that we’re trying to perfect. For new design ideas, I'll sometimes like a shape/concept while watching a show so I’ll write it down to remember later. I also get lots of inspo from clients during conversations!

Favorite diamond shape?

My favorite shape has always been the round brilliant cut. I love numbers and I appreciate math (although I totally bombed calculus in college). The cut of a round diamond is based on a mathematical formula developed in the early 1900’s to maximize brilliance — this formula only applies to round diamonds!
Outside of rounds, my second favorite shape is the oval. Ovals are a little trickier [compared to round diamonds] because oval shapes vary greatly based on variable lengths and widths. I love the challenge of finding those well cut and well proportioned stones!

Work with Noah

Interested in designing a custom piece, dreaming up your perfect engagement ring, or need an incredible gift for a loved one? Noah is your guy! Reach out to to get started.
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