All About Ava Bea

All About Ava Bea

All About Ava Bea

Our Ava Bea collection made its debut in 2018, swiftly capturing the hearts of our customers and emerging as one of our best-selling collections. The Ava Bea collection is named in honor of my dear friend Lindsay Allison and her daughter, Ava. Lindsay, known for her chic, edgy, and fashion-forward style, is a true inspiration. Despite Ava's young age (close in age to my youngest daughter, Lulu), she's already following in her mother's fashionable footsteps. Creating a collection that reflects their dynamic and trendsetting personalities was important to me, but I also wanted it to be highly wearable for everyday occasions. Jewelry should complete an outfit, not compete with an outfit.Since its launch, the Ava Bea collection has quickly become a favorite among our customers, with several pieces emerging as best sellers. What sets this collection apart is its unique sparkle, achieved by giving equal emphasis to both the metal and the diamonds. Each piece showcases a faceted metal plate behind the diamonds, enhancing their sparkle and beauty in a truly distinctive way.

The Ava Bea collection stands out as a versatile assortment that we frequently style with various looks. These pieces serve as staples in your jewelry collection, providing a foundation for all your stacking and styling needs. My five favorite and undoubtedly most popular pieces from the Ava Bea collection are:

Let's begin by highlighting two stars of the show: the Ava Bea Tennis Necklace and the Ava Bea Interval Tennis Necklace. The Ava Bea Tennis Necklace made its debut first and immediately captured the hearts of our customers. It's rare to find a tennis necklace under $4,000, and this piece offers unparalleled sparkle at an incredible value. Serving as the ultimate statement necklace, it's perfect for stacking or wearing alone. The Ava Bea Tennis Necklace is designed to be worn higher up on your neck, following its natural curve for a perfect fit. It's available in three lengths, each with a two-inch extender, ensuring optionality and the perfect fit for everyone.

While the Ava Bea Tennis Necklace quickly became a best seller, we listened to feedback from customers who desired a tennis necklace but felt it might be too dressy for everyday wear. Thus, the Ava Bea Interval Tennis Necklace was born. With a slightly less blingy and more spaced-out design, it perfectly caters to clients who seek everyday elegance without overwhelming sparkle. We exceeded expectations with the introduction of another tennis necklace, priced around $2,500, which was incredibly exciting for us.

When it comes to choosing between the two, we often consider factors like your lifestyle, existing jewelry collection, and how you intend to wear the necklace. If you're seeking maximum bling and have the budget for it, I always recommend the Ava Bea Tennis Necklace—the OG classic.If you're unsure about getting enough wear out of the classic, then the Ava Bea Interval Tennis Necklace is the perfect choice. It offers the style of a tennis necklace with a slightly toned-down bling factor, making it an easily wearable piece for everyday occasions.

Next up: the Ava Bea Crossover Mini Huggies, aka everyone's favorite huggie! These earrings feature two rows of round diamonds that elegantly crossover each other, hugging the ear for a look that exudes perfection. Unlike several of our other styles, these earrings come with a post and friction back, ensuring a secure fit. They've become a fan favorite because they fit a wide range of ear lobes, and their size is rarely a concern. These huggies elevate the classic style with their unique crossover design, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. While they're incredibly popular for starting a stack, they also add a playful touch to second or third earlobe piercings. The Ava Bea Crossover Mini Huggies pair seamlessly with diamond stud earrings, diamond hoops, or even drop earrings. I'm always delighted to see how our clients style their Ava Bea Crossover Huggies because the possibilities are truly endless.

Our most popular cuff is undoubtedly the Ava Bea Flexi Cuff. Introduced in 2019, this cuff bracelet not only captivated attention but also wowed customers with its flexible nature. Thanks to innovative flexible metal technology wrapped around a coil, this cuff easily slips on and off your wrist. What sets it apart is the stunning bling factor, courtesy of the faceted metal plate that enhances the size and sparkle of the diamonds. You'll often hear me recommending the Ava Bea Flexi Cuff as the perfect gift, the most comfortable cuff, and my personal favorite to wear with a watch.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Ava Bea Double Row Ring. This ring eliminates the guesswork of ring stacking by doing the stacking for you. One row is prong-set with spaced-out diamonds, while the second features a classic pave-style band that maximizes sparkle. It's the perfect ring to begin your stacking journey, especially if you're investing in your first ring. This beautiful base looks fantastic on its own and even better when layered with other rings. We love stacking her with the Taylor Beth Eternity Ring, Sophia Ryan Infinity Ring or the Sophia Ryan Teardrop ring. When it comes to stacking, there are no rules—be yourself, tell your story, add something heirloom, and most importantly, choose pieces that make you smile.

While these five styles undoubtedly steal the spotlight as our best sellers and most requested pieces, the Ava Bea collection boasts many other beautiful and special pieces worth exploring. Take a look at the Ava Bea Medallion Necklace or the Ava Bea Interval Trio Tennis Necklace for their unique aesthetics and striking bling. With such a diverse range, there truly is something for everyone in the Ava Bea collection. Whether you're just starting your jewelry collection or looking to add to an already robust one, Ava Bea offers the perfect pieces to enhance your style beautifully.

Interested in learning more or seeking styling tips? Feel free to visit our website and chat with us, send us a DM on Instagram, or even shoot us a text. We're here to help and would love to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to complement your style and tell your unique story. Whether you're looking for advice on how to stack your jewelry or need help selecting the perfect piece for a special occasion, our team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance tailored to your needs.

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