14 Things I've Learned in 14 Years

14 Things I've Learned in 14 Years

14 Things I've Learned in 14 Years - Our 14th Anniversary

I feel old. Well, no. I don't. Maybe sometimes. Mostly I am just dumbstruck at the fact my company is 14 years old. If it were a person it would be a freshman in high school! Where has the time gone? Over these many years of memories, milestones, and gorgeous jewels, I've learned many lessons. Some hard, some wonderful. In no particular order, here are 14 things I've learned since launching Dana Rebecca Designs. 

1. I love the incredible community that supports us every day.
2. I love my team of DRD girls who are as passionate about jewelry as me.
3. While I love every amazing celebrity moment we have had, nothing makes me happier than seeing a stranger on the street in DRD.
4. I love celebrating milestones like engagements, anniversaries, and career moments with our clients.
5. No great company was built overnight - slow and steady wins the race!
6. Jewelry is so much more than a material object - it is emotional and sentimental.
7. Family support and unconditional love are very important for a workaholic like me.
8. Trusting my gut has never steered me wrong.
9. Not even a pandemic can turn me into an outdoorsy athletic person.
10. Sometimes, candy is breakfast.
11. Supporting other female-founded businesses is one of the most rewarding parts of being a female founder.
12. Your jewelry should make you feel as good as your favorite outfit does.
13. The people who buy themselves jewelry "just because" are the ones having the most fun.
1‌4. Jewelry is a universal love language.
Diamond and Gold Necklaces, Earrings, and RingsDIamond and Gold Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings
Jewelry being selected from a trayJewelry displayed on a tray

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