Creating lines after my two daughters,
Poppy and Lulu, has been so special!
I love being able to watch them grow
into the ladies they will become and
see how their personalities will shape
the designs in the future.

Xo Dana

Poppy Rae

My sweet little Poppy celebrated her 2nd
birthday before she had her collection debut.
I felt so much pressure to create something
that captured her bold
yet sweet spirit.

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Lulu Jack

My 6 month old daughter, Lulu,
was the inspiration behind my
bezel set collection. It's sweet,
delicate, and full of sparkle
just like her.

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My favorite part about creating these
collections is being able to mix them
together. The delicate features of the
Lulu pieces and the bold, but feminine
Poppy pieces create unique
combinations, just like my girls.

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