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Julianne Himiko Star Wraps


Unique and playful, the Julianne Himiko Star Wrap earrings are here to bring some fun to your jewelry box. Ten 14k gold starts set with round white diamonds cascade from the front of your ear around the back for a look that is dynamic and showstopping...

Sadie Pearl Wraps


Round and princess cut diamonds combine for this stylish wrap earring. Unlike anything else you have in your jewelry box, these showstopping diamond earrings wrap around your earlobes for a dynamic and modern look. The light will catch these stunners at...

Pearl Ivy Baguette Wraps


Wrap your earlobes in luxury with our Pearl Ivy Baguette Wrap Earrings. Freshwater pearls alternate with baguette diamonds for an unexpected twist on a pearl earring. Wrap earrings are a fantastic option to achieve a lot of look without having to commit...

Millie Ryan Princess Cut Wraps


Wrap your earlobes in luxury with our breathtaking Millie Ryan Princess Cut Wraps. Round brilliant diamonds cascade from a cluster of princess cuts and wrap around the back of the earlobe. The effect is both delicate and striking. Bold enough to...

Sophia Ryan Radiant Wraps


Radiating with beauty and sparkle, our Sophia Ryan Radiant Wraps are one of our most unique designs yet. Set with .60ctw of brilliant white round diamonds, these flattering wrap earrings flow around your earlobes like a river. Sized to be a statement...

Timeless, classic, and chic - we're your everyday luxury for any occasion.