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When starting Dana Rebecca Designs, I envisioned walking down the street and seeing women wearing my designs as a part of their everyday lives. Almost 12 years later and I’m so thankful for the brand that has grown from where it started in 2009. Looking ahead to 2019, I hope to inspire women everywhere to bring the everyday luxury of Dana Rebecca to their lives.

woman wearing diamond necklaces

2018 was such a great year! From the opening of our Chicago showroom, launching two entirely new collections named after two special girls, Ava Bea and Livi Gold, and celebrating the 11th anniversary of Dana Rebecca, it was an amazing year. As 2019 begins, I’m so excited to introduce you to new designs and collections that pair perfectly with the pieces you’ve come to love.


I’m going into 2019 feeling inspired, empowered, and chic. I hope that wearing Dana Rebecca does the same for you! Designed to be an everyday luxury and reminder to yourself for the goals you’re reaching, or the awesome year you had in 2018, pieces like huggies are versatile enough for any look, but also add instant sophistication, quickly becoming an essential part of your everyday.

woman wearing diamond earrings
woman's hand tying dress wearing diamond rings

If there is one thing that is consistent for me in my jewelry no matter the year, it’s my ring stack. My constants are my Kristyn Kylie Sapphire Band and Sophia Ryan infinity Ring, but I love mixing them with my newest collections, Livi Gold and Ava Bea! Instantly feel confident and radiant with a stack that is uniquely you!

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One of the easiest ways to add to your everyday look is station bracelets. From classics like the Julianne Himiko Star Station Bracelet to the Lulu Jack Bezel Stations, there is a style for any occasion. Mix and match them together for multiple looks and shine as brightly as the exciting year ahead of you!

woman's arm with diamond bracelets