The DRD Buddha

The DRD Buddha

Dana's Buddha Story

Our jade buddha necklaces are the ultimate DRD collector piece. The buddha necklace will always remind me of the early years of DRD, and has remained a good luck token as the business grows.

Each Jade Buddha is handpicked by Dana herself -

The symbol of Buddha has always had a special meaning to me and continues to bring me positivity through moments in my life, and that’s why I want to bring it into yours. I first discovered the Buddha several years ago on one of my trips to Hong Kong. I was instantly drawn to the Buddha’s story and significance; it resonated with me and inspired me to make a piece of jewelry focusing on Buddha. I wore it on the first day I opened the showroom in Chicago, and since then I have felt it is my good luck charm. For the next 6 years, my Buddha necklace was always on me, even if it wasn’t hanging from my neck.

Whether it was sewn into my wedding dress on my wedding day or around my neck while giving birth to my first daughter, Poppy, my Buddha had always been beside me until I lost it 3 years ago at a concert. I was, understandably, devastated.

After losing my first Buddha necklace, I began to collect Buddha figurines and find ways to incorporate the symbol into my life. I once carried a 12lb rough amethyst that had been carved into a Buddha head home from Hong Kong. It was heavy but worth it. I also painted a Buddha on the side of my former house and painted a Buddha in the showroom that is an actual representation of the exact Buddha I lost. Buddha figurines have become a staple in the Dana Rebecca office and showroom, many of my employees have a Buddha on their desks.

I believe my love for the Buddha stems from the message the symbol stands for, one of such radiating positivity and balance. I am so happy to finally have this showroom exclusive available to everyone.

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