How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

Layering necklaces is more of an art than a science. This is why layering necklaces is so fun: it’s a creative outlet and a beautiful way to express your personal style! However, it’s important to love each of your layered necklaces when worn alone too - they should be versatile and enjoyed as part of a stack or solo. 

Throughout this necklace layering guide, we’ll offer insights on selecting the ideal lengths, balancing different chain weights and textures and incorporating statement pieces that will lead to an exceptional stack. Plus, we’ll give you some tips on maintaining your layered necklaces to prevent tangling so that you can enjoy your jewels hassle-free!

How to Layer Necklaces

Curating a stunning layered look doesn't happen overnight - any jewelry collection needs time to grow! Layering is a process that organically builds over time, piece by piece, slow and steady. Social media is both amazing and daunting — there are so many images of perfect necklace stacks, which makes you want everything all at once. However, waiting and buying necklaces over time results in genuine love for each individual piece (plus, there is sentiment attached to the jewel). 

  1. Start the layered look with a great base necklace. This necklace will sit highest up on your neck and will typically be the shortest necklace in your stack. When it comes to solid base necklaces, we love: any of our tennis necklaces like our Ava Bea Tennis Necklaces or the Lulu Jack Graduating Bezel Tennis Necklace.
  2. Focus on a station necklace. This necklace is an important component in a layered look because it’s the middle necklace and serves as a link between the other necklaces in the stack. Great station necklace options: our Sophia Ryan Marquise Station Necklace, the Poppy Rae Pebble Station Necklace [the Poppy Rae Eternity Pebble Necklace if your budget allows]. 
  3. Add an anchor necklace to complete the look. Dana loves pendant necklaces as anchors because they seem to ground and punctuate the entire vibe of a necklace stack — they truly tie everything together. DRD loves these necklaces as anchors: the Sylvie Rose Disc and Pavé Bar Necklace (this has been Dana’s personal fave anchor necklace since it launched) or the Lulu Jack Vertical Bar and Diamond Bezel Link Necklace.
  4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Incorporate different necklace styles, metals, and textures to create a stack that is uniquely you. Consider pairing a gold chain, with one of our longer necklace styles, and a pendant for the perfect necklace stack.
  5. Incorporate a personal touch like a charm, initial or add an engraving. A charm brings some sentiment and a little movement to a necklace while an engraving is endlessly special. Don’t forget to ROCK your personality - this seriously adds to the sparkle!

Selecting Complementary Necklace Lengths and Weights

Having base, anchor, and station necklaces in your stack is a great way to easily and naturally incorporate various necklace lengths, which is so important to achieving the layered look. Some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the length for the perfect layered look. 

  • Include a variety of necklace chain weights in your stack. This not only adds dimension and texture to a stack but also helps prevent knots. A popular DRD layering piece is the Poppy Rae Pebble Station Necklace — the balls don't tangle with other necklaces, which is a major plus.
  • Try not to wear the same necklace lengths and chains as part of your stack. Necklaces with the same length/chain are attracted to each other and will almost always tangle, it's the nature of the beast. 
  • Simplicity is your friend. Having a simple, feather-weight necklace on hand - like our Lauren Joy Medium Disc Necklace or a classic diamond solitaire pendant - are great pieces to mix into a stack. They provide a lovely center focus for layering and work with almost everything - they’re an easy go-to! 
  • Many DRD necklaces have built-in length options. We often add two hoops to a chain so that you can wear a necklace at 16 or 18 inches depending on the situation. This comes in handy for layering and for times when you want to wear a necklace on its own and not as part of a stack. Flexibility is so important! 

How to Detangle Layered Necklaces

  • PATIENCE… this is key as you’re often going to have to invest some time. Channel your most zen state!
  • Find two pairs of tweezers (ideal) or a few safety pins if you can’t find tweezers. 
  • Lay the necklace(s) on a flat surface and unclasp them.
  • Slowly pull apart one of the knots with a pair of tweezers (or safety pins) while using the other pair of tweezers to separate the knots. The necklaces should remain supported on a flat surface during this process.
  • Be gentle as you don’t want to sever a delicate chain during the detangling process!

Necklace knots and tangles are no fun. We are sending you empathy and support as you navigate the many twists and turns - YOU CAN DO IT! Your jewels are worth it. You should always rock a stack worry free - layering necklaces truly levels up a wardrobe and is appropriate in nearly every fashion situation!

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