Exploring Diamond Shapes

Exploring Diamond Shapes

Exploring Diamond Shapes

The perfect cut, any way you slice it.


Round: Considered the most brilliant of all the diamond shapes, round diamonds are the shape that the industry revolves around. Cut with precision according to a mathematical formula exclusive to rounds, when cut properly this diamond maximizes light coming in and reflecting it back out. This one is popular for people who love timeless pieces and desire a diamond that truly shines.

Emerald: This elongated rectangular shape has cut corners and is known for its hall of mirrors appearance as a result of the step-cut arrangement of this shape’s facets. With its elongated shape and elegant sparkle pattern, it’s no wonder it is currently one of the more favored shapes of 2023. 

Oval: Those who appreciate this shape are die-hard fans of it. Similar to their round brilliant counterparts, ovals maximize sparkle while hiding inclusions well. The measurements of an oval can often create the illusion of a larger stone due to the elongated nature of the shape resulting in extra finger coverage.

Cushion: If you're undecided between a square or round diamond, the cushion cut could be your solution. This "soft-square" or “soft-rectangular” shape has rounded corners and slightly bowed sides giving it a pillow-like appearance….thus the name cushion cut. 

Radiant: This option combines the brilliance of a round diamond with the elegance of an emerald cut. Its elongated shape appeals to those seeking both size and brilliance. These diamonds provide a disco-ball-like sparkle with straight edges and come in either square or rectangular silhouettes, excelling at concealing color and clarity imperfections.

Pear: A pear-shaped diamond offers a unique look! These diamonds come in various dimensions, some longer and slimmer, while others are shorter and wider, providing excellent finger coverage with their distinctive shape.

Marquise: One of the most unique diamond shapes, the marquise has points at either end resulting in an almost football-like shape.  The marquis' extreme elongated proportions result in a diamond shape that is more dramatic on the finger and turns heads. 

Now that we’ve broken down the basics it’s time to start thinking about which shape is the one for you! If you want to see these diamonds in action check out our TikTok  where we show a variety of bridal diamond pieces before they go out the door. 

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