Choosing a Necklace Chain Length

Choosing a Necklace Chain Length

Choosing a Necklace Chain Length

Choosing a chain length is all about preference, style, and comfort! Kind of like clothes: we typically gravitate towards things that look AND feel great (besides those occasional times when you sacrifice comfort for a scratchy blouse because it simply looks fabulous). Selecting the ideal necklace chain length takes into account personal style, body type, necklace type, facial features, and layer-ability. Chain length is a bit of a journey and requires some research, but finding the right necklace length is fun and very much worth it!

Standard Necklace Lengths For Women

Note: Where a necklace falls may be different for different body types. Choose necklace lengths based on what fits best for you. 

  • 14” Chain - Fits similar to a choker and wraps closely around the neck
  • 16” Chain - Typically falls around the base of the neck where a collar would sit
  • 18” Chain - Sits around the collarbone and is a popular length for women
  • 20” Chain - Typically falls just below the collarbone
  • 22” Chain - Typically falls at or just above the top of the bust

  • Choosing the Right Chain Length For You 

    There are so many factors that go into picking a necklace's length! Consider things like:

    What feels the most comfortable? 

    Every body type is different. Choose what looks and feels good to you vs. trying to match someone else's length choice. For example, a 16-inch necklace might hit my neck/chest in a completely different place than where it lands on you. 


    Examine your neck size! 

    This might not be a body part that you’ve narrowed in on very much, but it’s important in this situation. If you have a larger neck base, you’ll probably want a longer necklace chain, depending on where you want it to hit. 

    • For example, our tennis necklaces start at 13 inches, but we also offer more standard/larger sizes like 16/18. 
    • We also offer custom sizing if standard options are not right for you. Every BODY is different, and we celebrate that! 

    Try things on! 

    This part is super fun and helps build your knowledge base for what looks and feels best to you. Stop by our showroom in Chicago or New York — we love being part of your necklace journey! 

    We’re also happy to work with you virtually. Send us a photo where we can clearly see where 16 or 18 inches sits on your neck. If you’re unsure about which length, send us a photo wearing your most classic necklace that lands in the place you consider to be the ideal length location. Then, we’ll suggest options!

    What to Consider When Choosing Necklace Length 


    We believe that all necklaces should have the ability to be worn as part of a stack and on their own. Unless you’re sure that your necklace will forever be a solo piece, consider how you’d want to layer with other necklaces. For example, our Lulu Jack Graduating Bezel Tennis Necklace is one of our most popular styles and comes in 13/15, 14/16, and 16/18 inches, so you have the ability to change things up depending on how you’re wearing it.

    Necklace Type

    Different styles are worn at various lengths depending on preference. Try pairing a shorter necklace like a gold chain with one of our pendant necklaces like the Buddha Pendant Necklace. Adding in different necklace lengths from pieces like our Cynthia Rose Charm Necklace, which usually falls lower on a person’s décolleté, is the perfect way to begin building the perfect necklace stack.


    Flexibility is something we cherish - some days you may feel like wearing a necklace lower or higher on your neck, so we’ve designed necklaces that total 18 inches (long) but we’ve added a ring at 16 inches so that it’s easy to switch things up. This is key for layering - it brings versatility and the ability to adjust and change up your neck stack! But not all necklaces are sold with a jump ring so please make sure to check this out per product! 

    Tip: Our Lulu Jack Vertical Bar Diamond Link and Bezel Necklace is a staple and a great addition to a neck stack — it’s subtle yet intriguing and the option to adjust the length allows it to work well with nearly all necklaces! 

    Details Matter

    Our tennis necklaces are meant to be worn higher on the neck and often serve as the base in a layered stack. Wearing them higher up also has a practical component: if worn too low, they can flip which throws off the harmony of the layering.  

    Tip: We love layering different styles of tennis necklaces together —  tennis stacks are fun! Tennis necklaces are also great base necklace options in any kind of stack! For example, any of our Ava Bea Interval Trio Tennis Necklaces can be worn together at different lengths and look extra cool with the Poppy Rae Pebble Station Necklace for a texture contrast.  

    Necklace Chain Length Breakdown 

    • The length of your necklaces should be a decision for today with consideration of how you would incorporate it into your collection for years to come. Necklaces go through phases: sometimes they’re worn alone, sometimes with one other piece and sometimes as part of a busy stack full of layers! 
    • There is often a solution if you have a change of plans after you commit to a certain length. A necklace extender is an easy option if you occasionally want to add length to a necklace. 
    • Although we offer size options, we’re always happy to create a custom size just for you and your lovely neck! 

    DRD is a team of communicators - we love talking to our clients about anything and everything, so please email or call us to discuss necklace chain length concerns and more! We also ALWAYS want to see how you’re rocking your jewels - tag us [@danarebecca / #everydayluxe]!

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