Panna Dolce custom DRD macaroons, Garrett's popcorn, Sprinkle's cupcakes (Happy 1 Year Chicago's Sprinkles!), and the beautiful views from the Lake Front Suite at the Park Hyatt were only a few things that sparkled and shined at our DRD Trunk Show last weekend...

Chicago's best brought the sparkle & shine and some (well, most) left with the new sparkle & shine from DRD's newest 2011 Summer Collection! Check out our Facebook page daily for pictures of the newest designs added to the DRD collection.

Dana Rebecca Designs 2011

We had the pleasure of catching up with many of Chicago's best (and quite possibly the most fashionable) ladies all weekend. We were so excited to sit down with the fab & chic girl, Jena Gambaccini, who is behind the Chicago fashion blog, ChiCityFashion.

DRD: We LOVE ChiCityFashion! Why did you decide to start your Chicago based fashion blog?

ChiCityFashion: It all began with a Twitter account. I made one a couple years ago for the reason that most people do…to stalk celebrities of course. I noticed there was a huge fashion presence on Twitter so I decided to start getting involved by tweeting my favorite looks and how I’d style them. People were receptive and asked if I had a blog. I had no idea how to blog at the time but I’ve definitely figured it out along the way. Definitely much easier to get your point across when you have more than 140 characters to work with.

DRD: You recently started "Food Pairings" in your blog. Tell us about your inspiration for this new addition...

ChiCityFashion: My love for food is up there with my obsession with fashion (but I can’t cook so I decided that shouldn’t be my career path). I tweet about it all the time and many of my followers suggested I start blogging about food. I didn’t want to just throw it on my blog and all the sudden I’m a food blogger too, so I thought doing “Food Pairings” (pairing my meals with a designer or look) would be the perfect way to incorporate food into my blog.

DRD: Food & Fashion? We love it.

We frequent your blog (a lot) and love your style. Now tell us, what do you love most about DRD?

ChiCityFashion: I’m a huge fan of DRD, and an even bigger fan since I had the pleasure of interviewing Dana last summer (Read the interview here: ChiCityFashion). She really just makes fine jewelry fun. I’ve never been into fine jewelry until I discovered DRD and I’m glad I did. Between the bright colors, the original designs and the unique stones and gems, she takes a more playful approach to fine jewelry while still keeping it sophisticated and tasteful.

Jena's Style (Credit: Style Tribe)

DRD: What drew you to buying the Orna Pink Quartz set in Rose Gold DRD ring?

ChiCityFashion: I’m always drawn to unique pieces. Whether it’s a dress or a piece of jewelry, if I’ve never seen it before I’m probably interested. The Orna ring is such a beautiful silhouette that I’ve never seen another designer create. I’ve been really into rose gold lately and the pink quartz was the perfect compliment to its setting.

Jena's DRD Orna Ring in Pink Quartz

DRD: Any jewelry you have your eye on for future DRD purchases?

ChiCityFashion: Not sure the name of it but that square bangle bracelet wth diamonds I tried on at the trunk show, its beyond fabulous. If money were no object, it would be mine.

DRD: Yes the to-die-for Melissa Louise bracelet! The bracelet's design is retro and very much reminds us of Mad Men, but still chic and timeless!

Now on to the fun questions we have been dying to ask you:

Fashion Designer(s) you couldn't live without... Proenza Schouler and Missoni

You feel most yourself in... A killer pair of shoes (5 inch minimum)

What you love about Chicago Fashion: The unique mix of laid back style with a downtown twist. It’s a great medium of East and West coast fashion, but still with our own Midwest touch.

Your summer splurge is... Anything I can get my hands on…but seriously, it’s a tie between my Fendi flatforms and dining at every restaurant I can get a reservation at (especially when they’re alfresco)!

Beauty product you couldn't live without: Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque…I’d look like I hadn’t slept in days if it weren’t for this product.

What fragrance are you wearing now? Serge Lutens Datura Noir

Favorite Chicago Restaurant: This is like asking me to choose a favorite child. I do enjoy places like Luxbar and Carmines, trendier places like Hubbard Inn and The Bedford. But there’s nothing like finding your go-to casual spot…mine happens to be Eleven City Diner.

I can't get through a day without: Tweeting

Advice for anyone pursuing a career in fashion: Always follow up. Although this is something that doesn’t just pertain to fashion, those in this industry specifically are always thinking about what’s going to happen next and tend to forget about what’s happening in the present…like those resumes piling up in their inbox. So many talented people get lost in a sea of resumes because they never followed up. People are busy and you have to make them notice you. There’s nothing worse than blending in, so never be afraid to stick out.

Describe yourself in three words: Energetic. Colorful. Optimistic.

Thank you Jena of ChiCityFashion! To stay up-to-tweet on all things Chicago fashion follow @ChiCityFashion

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As for more scoop on the new 2011 DRD Collection, stay tuned!